Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Hydrated

Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Hydrated


Getting hydrated and plump skin can be hard to achieve, especially if you live in a place with a hot and dry climate. Dr. Caren Campbell, a dermatologist in California, stated that residents living in places with hot and dry climates are more likely to suffer from dry and dehydrated skin. Due to the lack of water in the air, the natural moisturizing components on your skin evaporate at a faster rate than normal. Recognizing the impact of the climate on your skin, you need to hydrate regularly to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Here’s what you need to do:

Maintain a regular skincare routine

You may not be able to control the climate in your area but you can still provide the best conditions for your skin by practicing a regular skincare routine. Though this may sound like a lot of commitment, a proper skincare routine for dry skin can be completed in just three steps. First, you need to cleanse your skin from irritants and dirt using a cleanser. Next, you can address dullness and dehydration by applying a moisturizing treatment at least twice a day. Then before heading out, you must protect your skin against environmental aggressors by applying sunscreen all overexposed areas.

Apply a hydrating serum for an added boost

On extra hot and dry days, you can apply hydrating serums to complement your regular skincare routine. Many people prefer serums since they contain high concentrations of ingredients for maximum efficiency. So, if dry skin is your concern, you can apply serums with humectants before you put on moisturizer. An example of this ingredient is glycerin/glycerol, a moisturizing component that naturally occurs in the body. Another kind of humectant is urea, an organic compound that is part of your skin’s natural moisturizing factor. Thus, applying serums with humectants on extra hot and dry days can help in restoring your skin’s natural hydration levels.

Keep yourself hydrated from within

Aside from following a moisturizing skincare routine, you need to maintain your body’s natural hydration levels by drinking lots of water. After all, your skin contains 64% water, so you need to consume enough of it to maintain optimal health. In fact, our article on the bad habits that affect your skin emphasizes that dehydration can actually lead to dryness and even breakouts. Aside from drinking about eight glasses per day, you also need to avoid drinking sugary beverages and coffee, which can make you urinate faster. On top of that, limit your alcohol consumption because it causes your body to remove fluids from your blood, making you dehydrated at a faster rate.

Use a humidifier at home or in your office

Finally, you can improve the air quality in your own space during extreme weather conditions by utilizing a humidifier. These appliances produce and disperse water vapor that adds more moisture to the air. Since your environment can affect your skin’s health, humidifiers can ease irritation and dryness caused by poor air quality. You can even opt to purchase humidifiers that emit cool mists to further balance the environmental conditions in your home. To illustrate, evaporative humidifiers contain a fan that evenly distributes the cool humidity across a room. You can also alleviate dryness by using an impeller humidifier, which has a rotating disc that releases mist into the air. Whichever option you opt for, a humidifier should make it easier to maintain your skin health.

You can keep your skin healthy and hydrated by caring for it, both inside and out. Following a proper skincare routine, adding a hydrating serum, drinking enough water, and using a humidifier are good practices that can boost the hydration levels of your skin. Stick to these tips and, before you know it, you’ll have hydrated skin all day long.

Protect Your Skin From Scarring

Protect Your Skin From Scarring

6 Expert Ways to Protect Your Skin From Scarring, Injury and Blemishes

With the warm season here, you bare more skin. However, you want to keep your appearance glowing and blemish-free any time of year.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and many things can damage it. Here are six expert ways to protect your skin from scarring, injury and blemishes.

1. Leave New Pimples Alone

While sitting in your 8 a.m. chemistry class, you notice a bump on your chin that feels like a fresh blackhead. Your tendencies might scream, “pick at me!” Please try not to yield to the temptation. Picking at your skin can introduce new dirt and germs into pores, making existing acne worse. Trying to pop a newly erupted pimple can push bacteria and oil deeper into the infected pore, increasing swelling, pressure and redness. Icing such spots can reduce swelling and redness until they reach the point where you can perform an extraction.

2. But Treat Injuries Quickly

The old cliché may advise you to never trust a man who has no scars — but the originator of this saying spoke metaphorically. In reality, you want to practice proper wound care to prevent scarring.

If you get a cut or a burn, your first order of business is to thoroughly clean the wound to remove any debris. You also need to cool burns before applying any ointments that might seal heat inside your skin. Once you’ve cleansed and cooled the area, apply a dab of petroleum jelly to the affected area to keep the wound from drying out and forming a scab. You can also use silicone or hydrogel sheets for larger wounds.

Bruises fade in time, but they can distress you if you end up sporting purple and green blotches that contrast with your sleeveless pink bridesmaid’s gown at a summer wedding. Icing your bruise immediately after the bump occurs can help minimize discoloration. Please ensure that you use a fabric bugger between the ice pack and your skin to avoid making matters worse.

3. Use the Right Tool

Take heart, perfect skin seekers. You can still enjoy the gross-yet-satisfying sensation of popping your pimples if you wait until the right time and use the correct instrument.

It’s best if you use self-care techniques after a seasoned professional shows you the ropes. However, let’s keep it real — not everyone has the money for a dermatologist. You can buy comedone extractors such as those recommended by Dr. Pimple Popper and find instructional videos online if you can’t afford a trip.

4. Or Call a Professional

If you have the means, please see a professional for the best advice on protecting your skin from scarring, injuries and blemishes. Please don’t think this advice implies that you can’t learn how to take care of your skin at home.

However, your dermatologist can help you considerably in this endeavor by identifying your skin type and recommending products ideal for your unique DNA. You could potentially save money by not wasting countless pennies here and there trying various products that may work for others, but not you.

5. Wear Sunscreen

If you haven’t started wearing sunscreen each day yet, please get into the habit. Even if you adopt the mindset of, “early humans didn’t wear protection, and they survived” keep in mind that things have changed. Climate change means humans now experience more ground-level UVA radiation than past generations.

If you eschew commercial sunscreens because of the chemicals some brands contain, you can make DIY protection. All you need is some powdered zinc oxide and a carrier base that works well for your skin type. Coconut oil works wonders for dry skin, while argan oil won’t clog acne-prone pores.

6. Nourish Your Skin

Even if you try to be careful, you will eventually suffer life’s bumps and bruises. When you do, your body will heal itself — and recovery will go more quickly if you provide it with the right building blocks for doing so.

If you don’t follow a vegan diet, try to consume more fatty fish for the omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. The omega-3’s reduce redness and inflammation from pimples, while vitamin E protects against damaging free radicals. Plant-based foods such as walnuts, sweet potatoes and red and yellow bell peppers likewise contain various antioxidants that help protect your skin cells from further damage and provide the materials they need to heal.

Protect Your Skin From Scarring, Injuries and Blemishes

Looking your best means taking care of your body’s largest organ. Protect your skin from scarring, injuries and blemishes to give it the best chance at longevity.


8 Ways to Help Your Skin Age Well

8 Ways to Help Your Skin Age Well

Skincare has been all the rage in recent years, especially for the younger generation. Kids and teens are taking better care of their skin than ever before, and it definitely shows in the content and expertise that has emerged from millennials and gen z creators, as well as their products themselves. This means that in addition to the anti-aging methods and products already on the market, plenty of people are looking to treat aging before it even happens. This can be highly beneficial, as our skin actually begins to age as early as our 20’s.

With the rise of comprehensive sun protection and pre-aging skincare routines, there’s never been a better time to start caring for your skin so you age like fine wine! It’s never too early to get started. Here are eight tips to make sure your skin ages beautifully.


Yes, the proof is in the pudding. No matter how old you are and what your skin type is, you should still be moisturizing every day. In terms of anti-aging techniques, this holds true especially for those with dry and combination skin, as moisturizing can prevent wrinkles and protect the skin against damage.

Use an SPF

Many people will tell you that protecting your skin against the sun is one of the best ways to prevent rapid aging and skin damage, and those people would be right. Preventative, proactive maintenance tends to be more effective than reactive care. The sun can cause wrinkles and sun spots, and the sooner you start using an SPF, the more likely you’ll be to prevent those changes. Make sure you use a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or higher for the very best protection.

Take Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals, in addition to a balanced diet, can grant your skin the elasticity and resilience it needs to age slowly and gracefully. Multivitamins and collagen supplements can often do the trick, in addition to amino acids, magnesium, iron and biotin, which you can supplement at your own discretion.

Stay Hydrated

You can never go wrong with drinking enough water every day, and staying hydrated is one of the best tips for skin health and longevity. It can help provide healthy skin resilience and protection, especially if you make it a habit.

Quit Smoking

While this one can be tough for people, smoking can have detrimental effects on the skin over time. Not only can smoking cause sagging, age spots and wrinkles, but it can also impact your overall health. While quitting can certainly be hard, it’s worth it to cut back or try to quit, both for your outer beauty and your internal health.

Use a Retinol

Retinol treatments are sometimes considered to be a magical fix for all sorts of skin concerns. Essentially, retinol helps skin cells regenerate themselves and heal properly from damage. In a sense, it’s a kind of exfoliator. This helps both skin clarity and helps to prevent aging, giving you the best of both worlds. Just make sure that you use your retinol at night and keep up with your sun protection routine, as retinol can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Reduce Stress

Stress can cause the skin to age, just like other — arguably, more important — parts of the body. Too much stress can cause lines, wrinkles and other, more immediate problems like rashes, breakouts, acne scarring, bumps and other imperfections. Overall, if you’re looking to relax your skin, it can help to relax your life. While it isn’t always possible to zap all of your stress away, trying to reduce stress in little ways as much as possible can help reduce visible signs of aging.

Use a Chemical Exfoliator

We already talked about this a bit with the retinol, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Chemical exfoliators are far superior to their physical exfoliator counterparts. Not only are they gentler on the skin, but they also go deeper and help skin cell regeneration. Retinol, glycolic acid, AHA and BHA are all examples of chemical exfoliators.

Making Sure Your Skin Ages Well

Taking care of your skin has never been more popular, and for a good reason! The health of your face is a part of your overall health, and it’s never too late to start looking at longevity. Whether you’re opting for vitamins or a chemical exfoliator, you can take care of your skin and keep the wrinkles and creases away.

VYBES Launches New Line of Adaptogenic Elixirs

VYBES Launches New Line of Adaptogenic Elixirs

LA-based functional wellness brand, VYBES, has officially launched a new line of Adaptogenic Elixirs! Drinks are all the rage these days as the spotlight shifts onto brands who bottle up wellness boosters, alcohol-alternatives, and health-focused concoctions. VYBES’ new line of delicious sparkling elixirs come in 3 different flavors: Apricot Lemon, Pineapple Ginger and Watermelon Lime. In addition, the elixirs feature powerful adaptogens for mood, immunity & vitality.

Each flavor includes adaptogenic elixirs that target the root causes of chronic stress, and these highly effective plant-derivatives help improve mood, mental clarity and the body’s immunity & vitality. It’s refreshingly delicious, and packs a ‘mean’ exhilarating bubble.

  • Apricot Lemon: made from Turkish apricot juice, lemon juice

  • Pineapple Ginger: made from Dole pineapple juice, lime juice, Peruvian ginger juice

  • Watermelon Lime: made from watermelon juice, lime juice, sour cherry juice

Perfect if you’re looking for a healthy swap for sodas or alcoholic beverages for all of your summer festivities — VYBES Elixirs are available for DTC shipping right to your doorstep online at, starting at $29.94 for a 6-pack.

VYBES also offers beverages made with 25mg high-quality CBD, under 30 calories, locally crafted in Los Angeles, and is vegan and organically produced!

  • BlackBear Hibiscus (Limited Edition)”: To celebrate the launch of music artist Blackbear’s latest E.P. debuted earlier this month, the wellness drink is made from freshly brewed hibiscus tea, cold-pressed blackberry juice and a touch of clove & cinnamon for a slightly tart beverage

  • Strawberry Lavender: Made from fresh squeezed strawberries, lemon juice & wild lavender. Subtly sweet and not too tart

  • Blueberry Mint: Made from organic blueberries, Meyer lemon juice and a hint of mint for a distinctly tart and subtly sweet beverage

  • Honeycrisp Apple Basil:  Made from unfiltered apple juice (unfiltered is creamier and less tart), Meyer lemon juice and a pinch of organic basil, even those who don’t like apple juice will probably love our HCAB

Put your wellness on the forefront this summer when you indulge!

Interview with Founder & CEO of Kurvana, Mehran Moghaddam 

Interview with Founder & CEO of Kurvana, Mehran Moghaddam 


Founder & CEO of Kurvana, Mehran Moghaddam, has more than twenty years of combined experience in biotech, life sciences, and nutraceuticals, focusing on his longstanding passion for health and wellness. Mehran holds a B.S. in Biochemistry and Exercise Science, as well as an MBA, from the University of California, Davis.

Mehran founded Kurvana in 2014 to address the urgent need for professional operators to bring higher quality and safety standards to the research, development, and manufacturing of cannabis and hemp product. Under Mehran’s leadership, Kurvana has established its reputation as a pioneer in the vape space.

Furthermore, Mehran is an advocate in the broader cannabis community. He is an active member on the Advisory Board for the University of California, Irvine’s Center for the Study of Cannabis, which is one of the first multi-disciplinary centers for Cannabis studies. He also maintains active memberships with the National Cannabis Industry Association, the California Cannabis Industry Association, the American Chemical Society, and the American Society for Testing and Materials.

  1. We love featuring brands here in SoCal. Can you share what makes Kurvana special with our readers? 

Kurvana is the nation’s leading premium vape pen and cannabis lifestyle brand. Our focus is to deliver a high-end, quality product to cannabis consumers. We are the leader in high-potency, pure cannabis, and at Kurvana, we define quality as everyone’s responsibility in order to deliver the most natural and safe products that exceed regulatory standards and consumer expectations.

2.     Why did you get involved in the cannabis industry? 

I have been involved in the industry for over 15 years. I founded Kurvana in 2014.

When I got started in the industry, I realized that it had an urgent need for professional biotech operators to bring higher quality safety standards to the research, development, and manufacturing of medical cannabis, so I decided to make my own brand.

I made it my mission to bring transparency, accountability, and professionalism to the cannabis industry.

3.     What is your background? 

I come from a background in science and business. I have a B.S. in Biochemistry and Exercise Science as well as an MBA. My passions have always been health, wellness, and science, and I love combining them in the work I do with Kurvana.

4.     What kind of products does Kurvana offer?

We remain authentic to being known as a premium vape brand. We currently offer four distinct THC and cannabinoid vape lines, a tincture line, and an assortment of custom vape batteries and hardware.

ASCND is our high-cannabinoid, full-spectrum, single-origin extract line and is available in 16 different strains. These strains are available in half-gram cartridges, full-gram cartridges, and our brand-new All-in-One ready to use devices.

We just launched our terpene and cannaflavin rich Originals line, which includes 7 classic OG strains. These are available in half-gram cartridges, full-gram cartridges, and  All-in-One ready to use devices.

Kurvana also has revamped our CBD vape collection, which includes 3 strains with natural botanical ingredients paired with various cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG for the ultimate wellness and therapeutic benefits. These are currently available in our All-in-One ready to use devices; our 510 cartridges will be launched this summer.

Carbon21 is Kurvana’s pinnacle vape line and has carefully curated raw concentrates in our latest vape hardware. We currently offer these small batch creations in 3 strains, available in half-gram cartridges, full-gram cartridges and our All-in-One ready to use devices.

Our Botanicals Tinctures Collection features 4 unique tinctures, utilizing 100% full-spectrum cannabis oils pairing key nootropics, adaptogens, and cannabinoids. Each tincture has specific wellness benefits and may be applied topically or ingested.

To go with our premium vape cartridges, Kurvana also carries custom button and buttonless batteries in a variety of beautiful metallic and soft-touch finishes.

5.     What are the benefits of CBD?

Through the vast endocannabinoid system, CBD has many different benefits to suit a variety of consumer needs. It can be used to help with sleep, reduces pain and inflammation, alleviates anxiety, elevates mood and energy levels, and may even help with appetite stimulation. It has also been found to support the body’s immunity and natural defenses. The way I see it, there’s really something for everyone to be found in CBD.

6.     Why did you choose to start your brand in Los Angeles? 

I started the brand in Orange County where a lot of great original brands started. The area has a lot of cannabis startups and emerging brands so it is an inspirational area to be in as an entrepreneur. Overall, California was the natural choice since it has the best quality of cannabis in the world.

7.     Are your products available in other states?

Our THC products may be purchased through licensed retail stores in California, but we do sell our hemp (non-THC products) online to markets that allow it. Those can be purchased at, as well as select retailers throughout the country. Those locations can also be found on our website.

8.     What about SoCal inspires you be it landmarks, food, music etc.?

I think SoCal has an energy about it that’s unlike any other place that I’ve ever been. Especially in the cannabis industry, it’s really become a space of open-mindedness and innovation, and arguably some of the worlds best cannabis. I’m definitely inspired by the creativity I have experienced here as well as the comradery I have found with other leaders in the industry here. It’s an amazing community, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.

9.     Anything else you want our readers to know about your plans for Kurvana in SoCal? What’s next?

Kurvana is always at the forefront of innovation, and we are constantly striving to find the next best thing for cannabis, hemp, and other natural products. We are currently working on expanding our vape line using the latest in technology, genetics, and the introduction of novel ingredients spanning from mushrooms and adaptogens to many other medicinal plant ingredients.

Find Kurvana and Mehran Moghaddam online:


About Kurvana:

Kurvana is the nation’s leading premium vape pen and cannabis lifestyle brand. Kurvana continually transforms the industry with innovative, high quality products.

Founded in 2014 by Mehran Moghaddam, who has over twenty years of combined experience in biotech, life sciences, and nutraceuticals, focusing on health and wellness.  Under Mehran’s leadership, Kurvana has established its reputation as a pioneer in the vape space. Mehran is the rare executive in the cannabis space who has a background in business as well as biochemistry, making him an expert on the science behind the cannabis plant and a thought leader in the industry.

What Should You Do If You Have Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms?

What Should You Do If You Have Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms?

What Should You Do If You Have Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms?

Many in Los Angeles who were infected by Covid-19 now find themselves experiencing symptoms long after they are no longer infected. Read on for more information about what the symptoms of ‘long-haul’ or ‘long Covid’ may look like and what you should do if you have them.

What is long-haul Covid-19?

Recent studies indicate that of those who recover from Covid-19, 50-80% will experience lingering effects three months after infection. Symptoms can linger regardless of whether you were hospitalized or not. Researchers have also learned that long-Covid symptoms can first appear in waves:

  • Initial symptoms- fatigue; headache; chills; fever
  • 5 days- nausea; vomiting; diarrhea
  • 10 days- dizziness; confusion; difficulty concentrating; body pain
  • 15 days- heart palpitations; high/low blood pressure; lightheadedness
  • 21 days- skin conditions; eye infections; twitchy muscles; mouth sores

It’s important to note that not everyone who has long Covid will experience all of the symptoms indicated in the timeline and that they may even skip one or more of these “waves.” There is still much to learn about the novel coronavirus, but it is believed that these lingering symptoms stem from inflammation caused by the virus. Most common lingering symptoms not mentioned include:

  • Brain fog and impaired memory
  • Joint and chest pain
  • Breathing issues
  • Loss of taste and/or smell
  • Sleep issues

Those who experienced severe symptoms, adults over 50, and people with underlying health conditions are most likely to experience long-haul Covid-19.

Image cr.:

Avoiding the risk of long-term symptoms

The best way to avoid long-term Covid-19 side effects is to avoid infection. This means following social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines.

In the event you need to get tested, the LAPH website has guidance regarding testing – including what types of tests you need, and ways to access testing and treatment for free.

Families may also consider using DIY Covid-19 testing kits to test themselves at home. The tests most widely available are PCR tests, which require lab processing. This means after self-administering the test at home, samples are mailed to the laboratory which produced the kit. Depending on lab and mail delivery times, your results can take 3-14 days.

The first rapid antigen DIY testing kit was recently authorized by the FDA for use by the general public. This test requires no lab processing and produces results in 15 minutes. These tests are still in production, but are expected to debut on shelves in the coming weeks. Once production is in full swing, these tests are expected to cost roughly $30 each, but will likely be priced much higher when they first hit shelves.

Those in need of testing options that balance both convenience and safety may wish to consider getting tested at home. Onsite medical service providers will send a nurse with a Covid test for a home visit to administer Covid-19 tests to everyone in the household. As healthcare providers, they already have access to rapid test options.

Angelinos with specific testing needs who may particularly benefit from at-home Covid-19 testing include:

  • Young children, as well as neurodivergent children and those with disabilities unable to wear a mask for long periods of time
  • People with severe cases of Covid-19 who need regular testing as part of treatment and want to minimize risk of transmission to others
  • People at high risk of severe symptoms who have not yet been vaccinated, and those who interact with them regularly
  • People with physical conditions who would benefit from medical professionals administering the test

What should I do if I have long Covid?

If you are still experiencing Covid-19 symptoms 6 weeks after recovery, you should contact your primary care physician, even if you had mild symptoms while sick. Doctors can work with you to find treatments and strategies that reduce discomfort and help you cope.

Earlier this year, Cedars-Sinai opened a Covid-19 recovery program exclusively for patients with lingering symptoms. Anyone interested in participating must be referred by a physician. Low-income LA County residents should reach out to My Health LA through the LA County Department of Public Health (LAPH) if they are in need of Covid-19 treatment.



Well-Being through Hiking

Well-Being through Hiking

The Benefits 

Without long summer days to enjoy in the backyard, pandemic restrictions can feel a bit more suffocating. Though the natural mood boost of all that sunlight won’t be back for a few months, shaking up your outdoor routine with a trip to the trail can help invigorate your physical and mental well-being.

It’s National Hiking Day this November 17th, and in beautiful Southern California, venues for your vigorous stroll abound. Angeles National Forest, Mount Jacinto State Park, Chiquito Falls, and of course, the beautiful Pacific Crest Trail are all primed for your enjoyment, and these are but a few of the hiking destinations that can be enjoyed.

Hiking makes for a great activity to share with the family, as there are trails for every ability level, and a little bit of safety gear is the only barrier to entry. Science has also shown that kids can have some pretty remarkable developmental improvements from hiking and spending time in outdoor spaces — their focus can improve 1, negative thought cycles can be broken 2, they learn to be better cooperators 3, and their mental health in adulthood may be better 4. This list of 43 benefits offers plenty of great reasons to get the whole family out for a hike.

Safety on the Trail

Whether hiking solo or bringing the family, a basic trail is essential. A full list of guidelines is provided here. These simple rules are intended to deliver the safest and most enjoyable hiking experience possible, and should always be followed.

  • Choose a trail you and your companions can handle, and carefully plan the time you spend to avoid low light and bad weather
  • Always pack enough food, water, safety supplies, and a way to contact someone in case of emergency
  • Dress appropriately for the weather, and always wear suitable shoes with high tread
  • Make sure someone knows where you’ll be and is expecting to hear from you after your hike

For a list of hiking trails in Southern California, visit The Hiking Project.

Cover Image by MaBraS from Pixabay

1. Malibu Creek State Park (Crags Road Trail)

  • Location: Calabasas.
  • Length: 4.75 miles.
  • Difficulty: Easy.
  • Known For: Filming location for several TV shows and movies.
  • Dogs Allowed: Not on backcountry trails.
  • Possible Animal Sightings: Rare.

2. Pacific Crest Trail (Vasquez Rocks)

  • Location: Agua Dulce.
  • GPS Coordinates: 34.4885° N, 118.3207° W.
  • Length: 2.6 miles.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Known For: Spanning from Mexico to Canada.
  • Dogs Allowed: Leashed.
  • Possible Animal Sightings: Yes, coyotes, lizards, snakes, quail.

3. Santa Monica Mountains

  • Location: Woodland Hills.
  • GPS Coordinates: 34.1203° N, 118.9318° W.
  • Length: Varies by trail.
  • Difficulty: Easy to Difficult depending on the trail.
  • Known For: Mountain views and variety of trails.
  • Dogs Allowed: Depends on the trail.
  • Possible Animal Sightings: Yes.

4. Topanga State Park Trails

  • Location: Topanga.
  • Length: Depends on the trail.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Known For: Variety of trails, grassland, and ocean views.
  • Dogs Allowed: No.
  • Possible Animal Sightings: Yes.

5. Sandstone Peak

  • Location: Malibu.
  • GPS Coordinates: 34.1204° N, 118.9320° W.
  • Length: 6.25 miles.
  • Difficulty: Hard.
  • Known For: Views of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Dogs Allowed: Leashed.
  • Possible Animal Sightings: Yes, lizards, quail, coyotes, rattlesnakes.

6. Hollywood Sign Trails (Griffith Park)

  • Location: Los Angeles.
  • GPS Coordinates: 34.1341° N, 118.3215° W.
  • Length: Depends on the trail.
  • Difficulty: Depends on the trail.
  • Known For: Views of the LA cityscape.
  • Dogs Allowed: Yes.
  • Possible Animal Sightings: Yes, birds, butterflies, mountain lions.

7. Bridge to Nowhere (via East Fork Trail)

  • Location: Azusa.
  • Length: 10 miles.
  • Difficulty: Hard.
  • Known For: Waterfall.
  • Dogs Allowed: Leashed.
  • Possible Animal Sightings: Yes, bighorn sheep.

8. Wisdom Tree (Via Cahuenga and Burbank Peaks)

  • Location: Los Angeles.
  • Length: 3 miles.
  • Difficulty: Moderate.
  • Known For: Fun trail in Griffith Park.
  • Dogs Allowed: Leashed.
  • Possible Animal Sightings: Unknown.
Brightline Health Launches COBI to Give Kids and Families Mental Ease

Brightline Health Launches COBI to Give Kids and Families Mental Ease

Life may be rough, but to be fair, 2020 feels like it’s been an entire lifetime of rough! We’re all going through something, especially with the pandemic caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. Where is your sanity level at these days — including your family, and kids? Even more importantly, how can parents know what effects these troubling times are having on their kids?

We’re happy to introduce you to COVID-19 Behavioral Health Indicator (COBI) from Brightline Health, a free online tool that just launched to help indicate the pandemic’s impact on kids’ mental health. The best part: This tool can help the whole family!

The initiative comes at a time when one in three children living under Covid-19 lockdowns are dealing with feelings of loneliness, nervousness, and irritability (
United Nations). A recent study by Save The Children found that fifty percent of children say they were worried, and more than sixty five percent struggled with boredom or feelings of isolation. Brightline Health CEO and Co-founder, 
Naomi Allen, says, “As a mom of three young kids, these past months there have been so many times I have wondered if my kids are weathering this pandemic okay. We wanted families everywhere to have a way to learn about their children’s well-being and have practical tools to help if their kids are being impacted by all the stressors surrounding Covid-19.” COBI is not only just a tool for the moment, either. In the below Q&A with Allen, the CEO breaks down how future-proof the free tool is, the ways that it can help strengthen the family bond, and what their coming goals are.

A Q&A With Brightline Health CEO & Co-founder Naomi Allen

Q: What sparked the idea for Brightline Health, and how does it operate?

A: I’m the mom of three young kids, five-year-old twins and an eight year-old. A few years ago, we noticed things my oldest son was experiencing that concerned us—for example, he wasn’t tracking against a number of dimensions, like handwriting or ability to hold utensils, and he was developing strong sensitivities to things he perceived as scary. My husband and I kept asking ourselves, “Is this normal?” As a mom, I felt terrified and lost. Consequently, I then started a time-consuming and expensive journey to get him support, full of dead-ends, disorganization, lack of resources, and a whole lot of frustration.

These are just a few of the immense barriers that parents across the country face when they’re worried about their child’s emotional and behavioral health or their developmental progress. It simply isn’t acceptable, not for parents, and not for our society as a whole. We started Brightline to change all of this, to build the first technology-enabled behavioral health home where children, teens, and their families have the support of collaborative care teams, virtual care that supports the kids and their parents, and a radically great experience of care for the whole family.  

Q: This year’s pandemic is undoubtedly stressful for everyone, and the contributing factors to that stress in this new way of life will likely last beyond just this year. What does Brightline intend to do, and is this goal time-proof — effectively helping families for a long-term benefit? 

A: Even before the pandemic, we were in the middle of a behavioral health crisis in this country. One in five kids have a diagnosed behavioral health condition, yet 80% don’t get the care they need (CDC). Now, with Covid-19, we’re seeing a tsunami of need—76% of parents are worried about their kids’ mental health (The New York Times), and half of kids say they feel worried (Save the Children). 

The way we’ve always done things—private practice, wait lists, parents running around to multiple appointments—it doesn’t support how much and how fast families need support. And it certainly doesn’t give them all the support they need when they’re still dealing with distance learning, staying home, not seeing friends, and everything else that’s weird and difficult about this year. 

What we’re doing is sustainable because we’re building both the technology and the family systems approach that is needed to support the already overwhelming (and now growing) need. We’re using evidence-based programs, we’re giving parents coaching and additional support like group classes, we’re tracking progress together—it’s all so that we can move kids forward and help the whole family thrive. We’re also launching timely initiatives to tackle what’s actually affecting families in real-time—for example, we built the first-ever tool, called the Covid-19 Behavioral Health Indicator or “COBI,” to help parents learn about the potential impact of the pandemic on kids’ mental health.

Q: What about being situation-proof? In other words, COVID-19 has been devastating for so many, but this will eventually pass. Can Brightline provide the same help and support tool for families impacted by gun violence, natural disasters, poverty, and other hardships or tragic events we face in more normal times?

A: Yes, absolutely! This is one of the great and important reasons we’re using evidence-based programs, like Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), that have been proven to move kids forward across many different concerns—be that anxiety, depression, and trauma, including around the events you mention like natural disasters. 

We’re working with kids to build skills and coping tools that they can use well beyond initial treatment, even into their adult life (seriously, many of us adults are using CBT techniques to get through all that this year has thrown our way, it works!). It’s all about forward motion, giving kids and their parents tools to continue this at home and in their lives beyond Brightline.

Q: How can Brightline help strengthen the family bond? 

A: We’re the only company with a full family support system in how we deliver care. So while the child or teen is in care with us, we’re also supporting the parents or caregivers along the way. That includes pairing them with a designated coach to help them navigate care, parent training tools, group classes, app-based treatment exercises they can use with their kids between appointments, and progress tracking so they know how their child is actually doing over time.

By engaging parents in their child’s care, we’re able to bridge the divide that can often come up when families are dealing with this tough stuff. Our supportive system is really aimed at providing a positive experience for the child and the parents, so we can foster communication and growth at home.   

Q: While mental health has long carried a stigma with nearly any supportive tool or help-seeking person, in the U.S., there is a shift happening. How does Brightline’s tool differ from going to see a therapist or counselor, and does it work in conjunction with other ways that families may receive mental help?

A: These are really common challenges that families face—and we provide uncommon solutions, if you will, to support them in getting to a better place. In addition to the evidence-based programs, technology, and family-focused approach, one of the differences is our collaborative care teams. We bring together care for a range of needs that typically happens in a really disconnected way—behavior therapy, evaluation and medication support when needed, speech and occupational therapy to support overall developmental health and well-being. 

Until now, parents would have to run all over town, juggling many different providers and appointments and trying to make sense of it all. I’ve been there, and it’s a mess. With us, families have the support they need all in one place, with one team, working together towards shared goals for their child. And by providing a really warm and inclusive experience for families—including opening up conversations about these challenges, bringing together the community in group classes, celebrating progress and wins together—we really aim to to eliminate the scary factor and celebrate therapy instead. 

Q: In terms of Brightline’s goals, where do you hope to see the company in 5 to 10 years?

A: There is a need for this kind of care everywhere—parents in every corner of this country are facing limited options, wait lists, and the many other barriers we’ve discussed. We aim to reach and support as many kids, teens and adolescents, and their families as we can—and we’re building in a way that will allow us to do so in creative and effective ways. For example, we’ll explore different levels of care for different conditions or symptom acuity. We’ll continue to build partnerships with health plans and national employers so we can increase both access and affordability. We’ll continue to build on our technology product to extend care across the country and reach families where they are. We’re building fast, but in the right and sustainable ways, so that we can bring exceptional support to families across the country.


Year-Round Sun Safety Tips for You and Your Family

Year-Round Sun Safety Tips for You and Your Family

So often you hear that SoCal has no seasons—it’s an endless summer of convertible thrills and tank top apparel—not quite true. Our summer does seem to go on, usually in something referred to as Indian summer, which can go on right up to the month of November. It is for this very reason that we need to take extra care and caution when it comes to skin protection. The summer sun feels incredible on your skin, and when it breaks through the clouds on a winter’s day, it’s a taste of heaven. However, even though this source of planetary power offers multiple benefits, it can impact your family’s health.

How can you practice savvy protection in every season? The following year-round sun safety tips will keep your family covered.

Slather on the Sunscreen

One key factor to staying safe in the sun involves slathering on the sunscreen. Which brands are the best to use, and what else do you need to know? 

How often should you apply sunscreen? Ideally, you should apply sunscreen 30 minutes before heading out and every two hours after that. You should also slather more on after swimming or sweating profusely.

Does sunscreen expire? Your products should stay usable for at least three years, according to the FDA. Some manufacturers do include an expiration date on the bottle.

What ingredients should you avoid? Watch out for products that contain plastic microbeads that can choke marine wildlife.

Keep It Made in the Shade

Direct sun exposure can drain you — and if it isn’t paired with hot weather, you might not notice the damage to your family’s skin. Keep them sun-safe by scoping out  HYPERLINK the shadiest spots on the playground when your toddler has a playdate.

What about your after-dinner walk? Why not take a tip from folks in the desert southwest and carry an umbrella rain or shine? While you might feel silly at first, tell curiosity seekers that you recently returned from vacation — you might become a neighborhood trendsetter.

Find a Fun and Floppy Hat

One of the most effective ways to keep the sun off your face is to wear a hat. However, if you have the wrong size, it will feel uncomfortable. Use a flexible tape to measure your head and select the ideal fit.

What if your little ones balk at wearing a head covering? Why not turn it into a game? If they like old television shows, tell them to put on their “Gilligan” hat before they head outside.

Protect Precious Peepers

The sun can damage your eyes. You know that you shouldn’t stare directly at earth’s nearest star as the ultraviolet rays can burn exposed tissue. However, your retina lacks nerve cells, and you might not notice the damage until your eyesight becomes blurry or spotty.

Accumulated damage can cause cataracts as you and your family age. To protect everyone’s eyes, wear sunglasses with UV protection. If your children tend to lose theirs, attach a cord to keep them secured.

Water, Water, Everywhere 

The sun can also spur dehydration. However, tiny tots might lack the vocabulary to tell you what’s wrong. Please learn the following signs and keep ample water bottles filled in your car and purse. 

Dry, cracked lips and mouth: If your child licks their lips, they could get chapped. When they become dehydrated, though, they may chew their tongue to produce more saliva.

Dark-colored urine and passing less urine than usual: Does your child still wear diapers? You shouldn’t ignore this clue.

Drowsiness and irritability: Little ones can become irritable for many reasons, but if water calms them, suspect this cause.

No tears when crying: This sign is concerning because it means your child’s body lacks sufficient moisture to produce tears.

Learn the Pulse Points Trick

Standing in the sun can overheat you, even if it isn’t excessively hot. Heat exhaustion can lead to troublesome symptoms and progress to potentially fatal heatstroke.

How can you cool your family down if there’s no shade nearby? One method involves placing an ice cube on their pulse points. Because your blood vessels are close to your skin, it drops your body temperature more quickly.

Get the Air Moving 

Another way to cool down when you can’t find shade is to get the air moving. Fortunately, you can purchase mister fans that your kids can wear as a necklace. When they grow overheated on the playground, they have instant relief.

Another trick involves placing a bowl of ice cubes behind your fan. The effect is similar to air conditioning — without the hefty bill.

Recognize the Signs of Trouble 

Overexposure to the sun can become fatal. Learn how to recognize and treat the following conditions.

Heat exhaustion: Heat exhaustion typically precedes deadly heatstroke, so take immediate action by moving your affected family member into the shade and cooling them down. You might notice profuse sweating, cold and clammy skin, and a weak, rapid pulse. The individual may complain of headaches or dizziness, and they may faint. If they vomit or symptoms get worse after cooling down, seek medical attention.

Heatstroke: When exhaustion proceeds to heatstroke, the individual can stop sweating and develop hot, dry skin. Their body temperature soars higher than 103 degrees. Lower their temperature without giving them water and call 911.

Sunburn: Sunburns can cause severe blistering and disfiguration. Try to avoid popping — you could introduce bacteria. Cover up before re-entering the sun and consider aspirin or acetaminophen to reduce inflammation. Take cool showers and use aloe vera to ease the pain.

Keep Your Family Sun Safe Year-Round With These Tips 

While life begins with the sun, overexposure can prove harmful. Keep your family sun-safe year-round with these eight safety tips.


Cleared is Here to Keep Seasonal Allergies at Bay and Boost Your Immune System

Cleared is Here to Keep Seasonal Allergies at Bay and Boost Your Immune System

Do you suffer from frustrating seasonal allergies, or a weak immune system? Don’t worry, you can find relief in knowing that Cleared exists, and is here to help you! Having launched this summer, and backed by a team of in-house nutritionists, allergists, and immunologists, Cleared will offer seasonal immune support in the form of lozenges and liquid shots — which are perfect for supporting your needs at every step of the day. Additionally, Cleared will offer telemedicine services via a digital telehealth clinic, allowing users to connect directly with a certified allergist or immunologist, offering access to Allergy Immunotherapy in addition to their immune support supplements. Talk about 21st century innovation! 

Founded by Ryan Rockefeller, James Taylor, and Dr. Payel Gupta, Cleared aims to bridge the gap between traditional allergy suffering and well-rounded seasonal immune support with immunity-boosting products that fit in your pocket, access to experienced allergists from the comfort of your home, and a passion for supporting clean air initiatives. This is your official welcome to seasonal immune support for the 21st century. 

Cleared launched this summer with two initial SKUs: Immunity Support Shots ($34.99/6pk; $5.99/single) and Immunity Support Lozenges ($12.99/bag of 20). With Support Shots available in honey lemon ginger, and lozenges in honey mint flavor, both products contain a mix of certified organic herbs, vitamins, and minerals such as zinc and magnesium. In addition, Cleared’s products are housed in plastic-free packaging to minimize any harmful effects on the environment. Cleared’s products offer support for maintaining healthy immune function and defense during peak allergy seasons, and when used in tandem with the telehealth clinic, support healthy responses to allergens. Not only should you be excited for this new health experience, but you can also find excitement in learning more about Cleared directly from its co-founders, Ryan Rockefeller and Dr. Gupta, by reading below. 

Q&A With The Co-Founders

Q: In the age of COVID, many people have a newfound sense of proactive responsibility pertaining to their health and immune systems. How can Cleared help those who are now eating healthier, or even those who struggle with staying on track, when it comes to doing what’s best for their health and wellness?

RyanMost people don’t realize that an allergic reaction to common irritants like pollen, dust, and pet dander all starts in the immune system.  So while your typical medications suppress symptoms, people often neglect the root of those symptoms. Our mission at Cleared is to focus on that root, to help your body strengthen its immune response to airborne triggers, and help maintain healthy sinus and immune function and overall vitality and well-being.  As they say, the best offense is a great defense, and one can be a very proactive defender with Cleared by building strength in your system day by day.

Dr. Gupta: To keep your body healthy it is important to get a balanced diet.  For those who don’t feel that they are getting a balanced diet- supplements can help provide the extra that might be needed.   Our supplements contain ingredients that will help with sinus + immune support from common irritants like pollen, dust, and pet dander.

Q: Can you describe the process one would go through to start and maintain a Cleared regimen and telehealth relationship? 

RyanOur drink shot and lozenges are meant to be complementary — the drink shot is a powerful one-a-day boost, and the lozenges for on-the-go support.  They both can be taken as needed, but for optimal strength they’re designed for back-to-back daily use to strengthen your response to triggers and promote a sustained boost to sinus and immune function. We recommend 6 days in a row to start, to strengthen the system, and then as needed thereafter when irritants are present.  If further support is needed, our doctors are available for online consultations. 

Dr. GuptaOur platform allows you to either do a chat consult or a video consult with one of our doctors who specializes in the treatment of allergies.  Either option is great.  Once questions about your health history are answered, the doctor will give you recommendations on which medications to start and will send over prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy.  Once you get your prescriptions we are here to make sure you are supported in your journey to feeling better.   From education on how and when to use your meds to continued access to our specialists we will make sure your allergies are controlled.

Q: It sounds like “nature as medicine” is at the core of Cleared. When it comes to food and medicine, a big selling point right now is being “as close to how nature made it.” Can you provide some insight into what goes into your support shots and lozenges, and how those ingredients are sourced? 

RyanFor both the shots and the lozenges, our nutritionists and allergists handpicked extensively studied, science-backed ingredients shown to strengthen sinus and immune function. These include a mix of plant and fruit extracts, like Organic Curcumin, Organic Adaptogenic Mushrooms, Nettle Root, Rose Hips, and Elderberry, as well as key minerals like Zinc and Magnesium.  Everything is sourced through our top certified U.S. manufacturers as well, who’s food scientists put it through extensive trials and testing. We’re also proudly putting both support options through clinical trials as we speak, because we care about transparency, quality, and evidence-based nutritional science. 


Q: What is the main difference between the Immunity Support Shots and Lozenges? For example, is one more beneficial than the other? Should buyers practice taking both for optimal results, or is one enough? Is this something that will be discussed once connected with an allergist or immunologist? 

RyanThe two are meant to be complementary, but the drink is designed to be a one-a-day powerful boost, with the lozenges as more on-the-go support.  While both can be taken as needed, for optimal use, they’re best to take daily so as to strengthen your system day by day.   Our bundle pack, which comes with 6 drink shots and one 20 count lozenge bag, is a great way to kick start your routine and boost your defense over several days.   If you have questions or need further support, you can reach out to one of our allergists/immunologists for an online consultation at

Dr. GuptaThey each contain different ingredients that are found to be helpful for common environmental irritants – so we recommend taking them together when you feel like your symptoms are not under control.   

They do not need to be taken daily, but rather as a supplement for symptoms that are not controlled. 

We want people to try both products and see how they feel with both or one or the other. 


Q: Cleared is for seasonal allergies and immune support, but what about everyday allergies, like pets and food? Is there any possibility that the company could expand into developing products to help address those needs, or is there a possibility that the current shots and lozenges may be beneficial with those types of allergies as well?

Ryan75% of sufferers now experience year round symptoms of allergies, in part thanks to climate change elongating and exacerbating pollen seasons, so what used to be a “seasonal” issue really is now an “everyday” issue for most people unfortunately.  While we’re focused for the moment on helping give people a new kind of support from airborne irritants in particular, we’re keen on empowering our doctors to deliver a fuller scope of support for people with food or skin issues too. So, yes, we’re exploring, with a focus on adding value to a currently antiquated system of care for people who struggle with these things.

Dr. GuptaWe believe that the shots and lozenges are effective for any environmental allergy and that would include pets.   

Food allergies are different and the main therapy for food allergies is avoidance of the food.   These lozenges and shots would not benefit those allergies.

Q: What are some of your short-term and long-term goals for what you’d like Cleared to become? 

RyanShort-term, we’re excited about providing people like ourselves with new support options to add to their routine. There’s so much opportunity to actually improve peoples’ quality of life with our approach, so we’re not really caught up with what else we can do long-term and really just focused on helping people get the support they need now.

Dr. GuptaWe are excited for Cleared to be a portal where people can get the integrative support they need.  Whether people want just supplements or advice on how to take over the counter allergy meds and  or prescription meds.  We want cleared to be the new way to treat allergies from the comfort of your home but with the best specialists out there.

Over time we will offer treatment for other allergic disorders like food allergies, asthma and eczema to name a few. 

We hope that during this challenging time and as our new normal changes – we can continue to take care of allergic conditions  together and safely.


Join POPSUGAR in L.A. for GROUNDED, An All Day Fitness & Wellness Event to Kick Off International Women’s Day

Join POPSUGAR in L.A. for GROUNDED, An All Day Fitness & Wellness Event to Kick Off International Women’s Day

It would be deemed appropriate for a powerhouse digital lifestyle brand such as POPSUGAR to offer women an experience that would maximize their best selves in celebration of International Women’s Day. Coming off the huge success of their Play/Ground Festival series, POPSUGAR has now added “Grounded” to the fold, which targets Los Angeles’ sector of health-conscious and fitness focused women. Details on this full day of programming below after the jump:

The “Grounded” Fitness event will be held on Saturday, March 7 at Goya Studios in Los Angeles to kick off International Woman’s Day. The day will have two sessions with tickets priced at $25 for either the morning or afternoon session, or $40 for the entire day.

Filled with positivity, Grounded serves as a place to steer yourself to center and recharge both mentally and physically to power yourself forward toward your goals. “Our audience is eager to learn everything they can about the latest fitness trends and how to live a well-balanced life. We saw their passion and enthusiasm at our Play/Ground festival, particularly within our dedicated fitness and wellness villages.” Said Lisa Sugar. “In expanding the success of Play/Ground, we wanted to break out those villages and create a dedicated event that was laser focused on getting women the tools they need to live the healthiest and happiest lives possible – from the inside out.”

 Curated wellness activities throughout the day such as electric workouts, self-care workshops and inspirational panels will reinvigorate guests and get them primed to tackle any obstacle and reach any goal. The powerhouse duo of “Tone It Up” Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott will serve as headliners for Grounded’s Body Garage, a fitness studio offering back to back, heart-pumping classes from today’s top influencers, athletes and studios. Other fitness experts confirmed to lead workout sessions include: Koya Webb, LIT Method with Taylor and Justin Norris, Deja Riley, and Jake Dupree.

Core Hydration, Natural Vitality CALM, U by Kotex, Nature’s Way Alive! join POPSUGAR’s Grounded as the event sponsors given their shared desire to celebrate female empowerment and provide the tools that help ensure women’s mental and physical health.

Grounded’s main offerings will include:

  • The Body Garage: Where you can gear up your body and mind with electric workouts led by top instructors.
  • The Rest Stop: A soul space for spirit-expanding moments, centering spaces, self-care workshops, and inspirational panels.
  • The PS Mini Mart: A chic convenience store where you can shop exclusive POPSUGAR merch and a collection of our Must Have favorites.
  • Fuel Station: A healthy pit stop serving up snacks and refreshments for purchase all day long.
  • Exclusive, always-on access to healing rituals, beauty consultations, self-love practices, and more to unwind, recharge, and reconnect.

Tickets are available now @

Weeks of Wellness with Vital Proteins at The Grove

Weeks of Wellness with Vital Proteins at The Grove

Some of us may have had a rough start when it came to getting our bodies and health summer-ready. Guess what, though? It’s never too late to hop aboard the fitness and wellness train! Vital Proteins is popping up at The Grove this summer, from July 26th through August 4th with lots of fun activations — including workout classes, afternoon mani, cocktail hours, meet & greets and more. With yoga, dancing, boxing, and so much more, it’s a good idea to check out Vital Proteins for more information and scheduling on each event (or read on) in order to get prepared for full-body wellness!
All attendees are required to RSVP for each event.
Here are a few highlights attendees can look forward to:
  • Meet & Greet w/ Gold Medal Gymnast Nastia Liukin
  • Cycle House Spin Class w/ Nichelle & Aaron Hines
  • Summer Slim Down Class w/ Katie Dunlop

Activity Schedule

Friday 7/26

Get ready for the weekend with Lindsey Harrod’s full body workout

Raise a glass to Summer and stop by for Collagen Water inspired mocktails

Saturday 7/27

Meet Nastia Liuikin, an Olympic gold medalist and sip on some complimentary celery juice (her fave!)

Come ride with us as Cycle House takes over the Grove on Bow Street

Sunday 7/28

Sweat it out with Katie Dunlop and her full body workout

Chill out with an ice cold treat at the Cabana brought to you by Sno Cone Amore

Monday 7/29

Start your Monday right with a class with fellow yogi Renee Bargh

Get pampered by manicurists from Olive & June for complimentary Vital Proteins inspired nails

Tuesday 7/30

Stop by for a boxing inspired workout with Dillan Ostrom


Wednesday 7/31

Stretch it out with a morning yoga class brought to you by CorePower


Swing by the Cabana for an afternoon touch up

Thursday 8/1

Wake up and sweat with Nike Master Trainer Betina Gozo for an AM booty workout

Get pampered by manicurists from Olive & June for complimentary Vital Proteins inspired nails
Friday 8/2

Rise & shine at the Grove with an early morning yoga class by Mary Beth LaRue

Get some one on one tips from yogi Molly Green

Raise a glass to Summer and stop by for Collagen Water inspired mocktails

Saturday 8/3

Dance with your favorite beauty influencer & say “hi” after class

Join us with Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik from Almost30 for a live podcast taping in Alo Yoga’s studio as they discuss all things lifestyle & wellness

Sunday 8/4

Come listen to wellness influencers Max Lugavere & Carina Wolff chat with our in-house RD Jen Randazzo on all things wellness & nutrition

Stop by and talk all things beauty with Summer Friday’s Co-founder Lauren Gores