LA Galaxy, Dignity Health Sports Park & HERDEZ® Brand Team Up to Spice Up Game Days

LA Galaxy, Dignity Health Sports Park & HERDEZ® Brand Team Up to Spice Up Game Days

HERDEZ® becomes the Official Salsa of the LA Galaxy and an Official Partner of Dignity Health Sports Park

The LA Galaxy, five-time MLS Cup champions, and their home stadium, Dignity Health Sports Park, are proud to announce a new partnership with the maker of the HERDEZ® brand, the top-selling salsa brand in Mexico and a leading authentic Mexican salsa in the United States. This partnership, facilitated by AEG Global Partnerships, will introduce the vibrant flavors of Mexico to soccer fans across Southern California. The maker of the HERDEZ® brand will become the official salsa of the LA Galaxy, and MegaMex Foods will become an official partner of Dignity Health Sports Park (DHSP). This collaboration marks the first partnership between the maker of the HERDEZ® brand and an MLS team.

Courtesy: HERDEZ®, LA Galaxy, AEG

Starting this season, Galaxy fans can expect to enjoy the signature salsa of the HERDEZ® brand alongside the exciting action on the pitch. The partnership will integrate the HERDEZ® brand into DHSP’s culinary offerings, enhancing the overall game-day experience. The premium salsa will be available throughout all DHSP concessions, allowing fans to savor authentic Mexican flavors while enjoying the game.

“We are thrilled to partner with the five-time MLS Cup champions LA Galaxy and Dignity Health Sports Park,” said Ryan Michaelis, President and CEO of MegaMex Foods, home of HERDEZ® Salsa. “We know how passionate LA Galaxy fans are, and we look forward to offering them HERDEZ® authentic Mexican salsa products at every home game. The HERDEZ® brand and the LA Galaxy are simply an unbeatable combination.”

“We are excited for this new partnership between MegaMex Foods and the LA Galaxy,” said LA Galaxy President of Business Operations and Chief Operations Officer, Tom Braun. “We look forward to collaborating with the company, and we’re thrilled that the HERDEZ® brand will be the new official salsa partner of the LA Galaxy. We welcome them to the team.”

Courtesy: HERDEZ®, LA Galaxy, AEG

As part of the collaboration, there will be prominent HERDEZ® branding throughout DHSP on Galaxy game days, including both static and digital field-level signage during designated matches, as well as digital signage on the venue’s Legends Plaza media board. Custom LED ribbon board signage and exposure on the digital scoreboard during all MLS regular-season home games will ensure significant brand visibility during key moments of each match.

“Our partnership with the maker of the HERDEZ® brand is about enhancing the overall fan experience at Dignity Health Sports Park. Beyond the goals and excitement on the field, we wanted to introduce a delicious new culinary option that we know our fans will enjoy,” said Dignity Health Sports Park General Manager Katie Pandolfo. “The HERDEZ® authentic Mexican salsa brings a unique and flavorful new dimension to our concessions and adds to the game-day experience.”

The HERDEZ® brand team will have an opportunity to engage Galaxy fans through a custom activation space during four MLS regular season games at DHSP, a major highlight of the agreement. This space will provide entertainment and a chance for fans to experience the HERDEZ® brand in person. Additionally, the maker of the HERDEZ® brand will support a special LA Galaxy content series distributed across the team’s digital and social platforms during Hispanic Heritage Month, fostering a deeper connection with the Galaxy’s passionate fan base. Over the course of the agreement, the partners will collaborate on various content initiatives across social and digital media to benefit fans and salsa enthusiasts throughout the region.

Courtesy: HERDEZ®, LA Galaxy, AEG

“We are thrilled to welcome the maker of the HERDEZ® brand to our family of LA Galaxy and Dignity Health Sports Park partners,” said Josh Veilleux, Senior Vice President, AEG Global Partnerships. “This partnership not only adds a dynamic new flavor to many of the menu items available at Dignity Health Sports Park’s numerous concession stands but also brings the authentic flavors of Mexico to our fans. It’s a perfect addition that is sure to enhance the overall game-day experience for all.”

About HERDEZ® Brand

The HERDEZ® brand allows consumers to experience the real flavor and culture of Mexico at home with authentic salsas and cooking sauce. The HERDEZ® brand is the No. 1 selling salsa in Mexico and the leading authentic Mexican salsa brand in homes across the US. Best known for products such as HERDEZ® Salsa Verde, Salsa Casera and the original Guacamole Salsa, the HERDEZ® brand is founded on authenticity in flavor and quality you can trust. Innovative authentic flavor experiences is at the forefront of their success. The HERDEZ® brand is part of MegaMex Foods, a joint venture founded by Herdez del Fuerte and Hormel Foods Corporation (NYSE: HRL) and one of the fastest growing Mexican food companies in the U.S. focused on reimagining Mexican flavor. For more information and recipe ideas, visit, and follow the Herdez® brand on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

About AEG

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, AEG is the world’s leading sports and live entertainment company. The company operates in the following business segments: Facilities, which through its affiliation with ASM Global, owns, manages or consults with more than 350 preeminent arenas, stadiums, convention centers and performing arts venues around the world; Music through AEG Presents, which is dedicated to all aspects of live contemporary music performances, including producing and promoting global and regional concert tours, music and special events and world-renowned festivals such as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival; Real Estate, which develops world-class venues, as well as major sports and entertainment districts like Arena and L.A. LIVE, Mercedes Platz in Berlin and The O2 in London; Sports, as the world’s largest operator of high-profile sporting events and sports franchises including the LA Kings, LA Galaxy and Eisbären Berlin; and AEG Global Partnerships, which oversees worldwide sales and servicing of sponsorships including naming rights, premium seating and other strategic partnerships. Through its worldwide network of venues, portfolio of powerful sports and music brands and its integrated entertainment districts, AEG entertains more than 160 million guests annually. More information about AEG can be found at

High Rise Art?

High Rise Art?

In 2011, MOCA presented a show called “Art in the Streets”, it was the first major U.S. museum survey of graffiti and street art. It was controversial and provoked an academic debate about the nature of graffiti. Today, one need only look up—downtown, South Park, for the moment, home to nearly 27 floors of typographical messages commonly known as graffiti. Derived from the Italian word graffio(“scratch”), graffiti (“incised inscriptions,” plural but often used as singular) has a long history. The graffiti seen here may be short lived as the the Los Angeles City Council.The buildings are part of the Oceanwide Plaza which was meant to be a $1 billion real estate project in downtown L.A., but it’s been empty since 2019. According to the Los Angeles Times’ Summer Lin and Robert Gauthier, the plan was to build three neighboring towers that would serve as luxury condominiums and apartments alongside hotel and retail space. However, construction stopped when the Beijing-based developer backing the project ran out of funds.The abandoned buildings have been an eyesore for locals, and currently the cause of great debate about just what graffiti is. The building looks like an electrical panel with dull cement gray exteriors that have sat for five years, and at some point provided an opportunity for local graffiti artists to decorate the building. Currently, the Los Angeles City Council has voted to invoke the owners to clean up the “mess” of they will and send a bill.

Graffiti can be found throughout the city, from the streets of downtown Los Angeles to the neighborhoods of East LA. Here are some key points about graffiti in Los Angeles:

  1. Historical Roots: Graffiti has a long history in Los Angeles, dating back to the 1960s and 1970s when it emerged as a form of expression among marginalized communities. The city played a significant role in the development of graffiti as an art form.
  2. Legal and Illegal Graffiti: While some graffiti is illegal and considered vandalism, there are designated areas and public spaces where street art is legal and even encouraged. The city has a complex relationship with graffiti, acknowledging its artistic value in certain contexts while also enforcing laws against illegal tagging.
  3. Venice Beach Walls: Venice Beach is known for its legal graffiti walls, where artists can freely express themselves without fear of legal repercussions. These walls attract both local and international graffiti artists, contributing to the vibrant street art culture of the city.
  4. Murals and Street Art Festivals: Los Angeles hosts various street art festivals and mural projects that bring together artists to create large-scale public artworks. The city has numerous murals that showcase a wide range of styles and themes, often reflecting the cultural diversity of the area.
  5. Melrose Avenue: Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood is famous for its street art scene. The walls of buildings along this iconic street often feature colorful murals and graffiti pieces, creating an outdoor gallery that reflects the trendy and artistic atmosphere of the neighborhood.
  6. Downtown Arts District: The Arts District in downtown Los Angeles is another hotspot for street art and graffiti. Former industrial buildings and warehouses in this area have been transformed into galleries and studios, attracting artists who contribute to the urban art landscape.
  7. Political and Social Commentary: Graffiti in Los Angeles often serves as a platform for political and social commentary. Artists use their work to address issues such as gentrification, inequality, and cultural identity, providing a visual voice for marginalized communities.

It’s important to note that opinions on graffiti vary, and while some view it as a form of artistic expression, others see it as a form of vandalism. The city’s approach to graffiti continues to evolve, with efforts to balance artistic freedom with the need to maintain public spaces.







It is an icon, a sign of the city called Hollywood. It rests in the hills above Beachwood Drive, perched unevenly in what appears to be  in various heights and today is the 100th birthday of that sign. For those that grew up here, it has always been with us; a fanciful reminder that we live in a city of hopes and dreams that can only rise up. It has also been featured in many movies, often being tormented, demolished or trodden. But, it remains. It is a curiosity that the sign has only been illuminated twice in its long history—one can only imagine the Hollywood Sign at night, spotlights on each character, truly fulfilling the idea that is the place where stardom happens—but that is not likely. Residents below have fought this notion for years, fearing an illuminated kitchen. Alas, it is what it is and remains: the beacon, though dimly lit at night, the Hollywood Sign.

  1. The sign was originally erected in 1923 as an advertisement for a real estate development called “Hollywoodland.”
  2. Over the years, the sign underwent various repairs and restorations, and in 1949, the “land” portion was removed, leaving just “Hollywood.”

Movies and Television Shows Filmed at the Hollywood Sign:

  1. Superman (1978): The Hollywood Sign appeared in this classic superhero film.
  2. The Rocketeer (1991): This action-adventure film featured the Hollywood Sign prominently.
  3. Mullholland Falls (1996): This crime drama film also included scenes at the Hollywood Sign.
  4. Get Shorty (1995): In this crime-comedy film, the Hollywood Sign makes a cameo appearance.
  5. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019): Directed by Quentin Tarantino, this film is set in 1969 Los Angeles and features scenes with the Hollywood Sign.
  6. The Day After Tomorrow (2004): This disaster film includes a dramatic sequence involving the Hollywood Sign.
  7. The Artist (2011): This silent black-and-white film features a scene with the Hollywood Sign.
  8. LA LA Land (2016): This musical romantic comedy-drama showcases the Hollywood Sign in several scenes.
  9. Friends (TV Series): The Hollywood Sign has appeared in various episodes of the popular sitcom “Friends.”
  10. Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV Series): This iconic television series often included shots of the Hollywood Sign in its opening credits.
  11. Criminal Minds (TV Series): The Hollywood Sign is featured in several episodes of this crime drama series.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, as the Hollywood Sign has made appearances in numerous other films, TV shows, commercials, and various forms of media over the years. It remains an enduring symbol of the entertainment industry and Los Angeles itself.

While the letters are all the same height of 45 feet, the width of the letters varies by quite a few feet in some cases. The current measurements of the letters are

H – 45 ft. H x 33 ft. 6 in. W
O – 45 ft. H x 33 ft. W
L – 45 ft. H x 31 ft. W
L – 45 ft. H x 31 ft. W
Y – 45 ft. H x 35 ft. W
W – 45 ft. H x 39 ft. 9 in. W
O – 45 ft. H x 33 ft. W
O – 45 ft. H x 33 ft. W
D – 45 ft. H x 33 ft. W

10. The sign has only been lit twice since its original build.

The Hollywood sign was only lit up twice in the years since it was first erected as the Hollywoodland ad: In 1984 to commemorate the Summer Olympics being hosted in Los Angeles, and again in 1999 as part of a spectacular citywide New Years Eve celebration as the world counted down heading into the new millennium.

Some other fun facts:

Actually, the sign has been the target of numerous alterations over the years, ranging from pranks to unofficial modifications:

  • January 1976 – Changed to “HOLLYWEED” (following passage of state law decriminalizing cannabis)
  • April 1977 – Changed to “HOLYWOOD” (Easter sunrise service)
  • December 1983 – Changed to “GO NAVY” (group of Midshipmen covered the sign for the Army-Navy’s only West Coast appearance)
  • January 1985 – Changed to “RAFFESYOD” (obscure rock band named the Raffeys did it for self-promotion)
  • May 1987 – Changed to “CALTECH” (Caltech senior prank)
  • July 1987 – Changed to “OLLYWOOD” (during the Oliver North Iran-Contra hearings)
  • September 1987 – Changed to “HOLYWOOD” again (for Pope John Paul II’s visit to Los Angeles)
  • September 1990 – Changed to “OIL WAR” (in protest of the Gulf War)
  • July 1992 – A 75-ft.-tall cutout of character Holli Would was added to appear to be sitting on the sign (promotion for the movie Cool World)
  • October 1992 – Changed to “PEROTWOOD” (supporters changed it for his presidential campaign run)
  • Sometime in 1993 – Changed to “JOLLYGOOD” (no one knows why)
  • February 2010 – Changed to “SAVE THE PEAK” (part of Hefner’s effort to raise funds to buy the land around the sign)
  • January 2017 – Changed to “HOLLYWEED” for the second time (following passage of state law legalizing recreational cannabis use)
Huxleys Makes A Case For The Medicine Cabinet Treatment

Huxleys Makes A Case For The Medicine Cabinet Treatment

We are at a critical point when it seems that everyone is after products that are friendlier to them and their bodies. Many are avoiding vitamins and supplements that are overly processed, questionably sourced, and side effect-inducing, while trading them out for more natural alternatives. With a wave of new cannabis products being introduced that focus on enhancing or treating our various moods and ailments, there’s one company who wants you to know it’s time to upgrade your CBD stash’s status from the kitchen drawer to the medicine cabinet.

On August 14, Huxleys, a premiere cannabis brand, officially made its debut in the California market. What sets Huxleys apart from others is its unique approach to crafting cannabis products that focus on minor cannabinoids to deliver specific effects – happiness, energy, sex, and sleep. In a groundbreaking move, Huxleys aims to transform your medicine cabinet with meticulously formulated, science-backed products that cater to distinct sensations, providing an unmatched experience.

Huxleys firmly believes in the potential of discreet solutions that enhance various aspects of life. To realize this vision, the brand specializes in creating safe, discreet, and effective infused gel-caps and gummies. These products are expertly designed with a combination of THC, CBG, CBN, CBD, and THCV, all complemented by tailored terpenes. The result is a range of effects-based, targeted solutions for everyday life, addressing four areas of our lives that we crave some additional assistance in at some point or another.

At launch, Huxleys introduced four distinct collections of effects-based products, available in both gel-cap and gummy forms. Each product within these collections boasts a unique flavor profile and a range of cannabinoid concentrations, with servings varying from 5mg to 20mg. Notably, all Huxleys products are readily accessible at dispensaries across California, making the pursuit of enhanced well-being accessible with a uniform price of $40. Huxleys is ushering in a new era of cannabis products, where precision and tailored experiences are at the forefront of wellness.

We had the opportunity to try them, and the results were absolutely medicine cabinet-worthy! One point to note for anyone who is a micro-doser, depending on your limitations Huxleys’ current lineup can be outside of your range of comfort, so consider this before buying. As mentioned, the gummies and gel-caps do differ in dosage, so it’s worth checking between the two for what’s right for you. We had the opportunity to try out the gel-cap lineup, and were honestly surprise at how powerful and effective these are.

Energy, Without The Punishment

Who needs coffee when you’ve god THC? That’s basically what it comes down to with Energy, except in this case there’s no crash! Accompanied by an enhanced feeling of focus, Huxleys’ Energy gel-caps give a great mental boost, helping with productivity and even physical activity. The lightest dosage of all four offerings, I was able to test these out and loved how sharp I felt mentally, and without the munchies!

Energy features a blend of cannabinoids and a proprietary terpene mix—but most notably includes THCV, a key component renowned for its capacity to boost motivation, enhance alertness, and suppress appetite. At 5 mg THC and 1 mg THCV, even the lightest of micro-dosers can give this one a shot.

Happiness In A Bottle

I was happy to tap into a friend’s assistance for the remaining three blends, because the last thing you want is for a fun ride to turn into a nightmare. And if there’s one thing marijuana’s going to do, it’s most likely going to make you feel all fluffy inside with the potential to go way south if you overdo it. Happiness in a capsule is exactly what this is, with laughs, smiles, and pure joyousness emanating from within. At 20 mg THC, it’s almost no surprise that the euphoric feelings are to come, but this little yellow bundle of joy even enhanced creativity for story telling, art, and expression. Happy was a mood elevator indeed, and I’d almost argue that I’ve never seen this friend happier.

Sleep Like A Baby

For those restless nights, Sleep was an intense opponent to fight against—but it is possible to prevail in that fight. It’s important to be mindful of when you’re taking this one, due to the fact that if you find yourself too awake and outlasting the sleep-inducing transition, then you’ll just feel yourself sinking into a lazy, bed-ridden hole. On the other hand, if you catch that sleep wave, it has the potential to be some of the best Z’s you’ve experienced. 5 mg CBN, 5 mg CBD, and 5 mg THC make this formula the perfect mix to throw on your ocean sounds, slide on your eye mask, and count the stars.

Sex, Party, Euphoria

You know what it feels like to party? Well, that’s basically what it feels like is going on inside of you here. In fact, besides date nights, parties and music festivals might be a suitable setting to enjoy these as well. This gel-cap had a rhythm to it from beginning to end, and lasted for hours from the initial gentle kick in, all the way through the rush of its peak and recurring waves of the cool down.

Euphoric, tantalizing, and heightened senses are a few of the descriptors I got about the Sex blend, and mention of it feeling like being “in a nightclub.” Sex comes in at 5 mg CBD, 10 mg CBG, and 20 mg THC, which means it’s quite the powerful formula. Experts only!

Just like the pain relief we reach for, Huxleys proved to us that there is indeed a place for them in the medicine cabinet for at least four different potential needs. We’re excited to imagine what will join the lineup next!


Celebrate National CBD Day With Cann + New Roadies Expansion

420 and 017 aren’t the only days dedicated to marijuana! Apparently there’s another on August 8th, titled National CBD Day, in case you were looking for any reason other than it being a normal Tuesday to indulge. But who says you have to take part during the week? Celebrate with a Cann or two, or with the latest Cann product to see an offering expansion: Roadies!

As of today, August 11, Cann, the #1 cannabis beverage brand, has announced the expansion of their Roadie offering to 31 additional states! Originally sold only in California, these Canns without the can are perfect for discreet on-the-go consumption. Simply tear, pour, and mix perfectly with any drink—no powders. 

Available in Cann’s three core flavors—Grapefruit Rosemary, Blood Orange Cardamom, and Lemon Lavender—each Roadie will leave you feeling perfectly social and just a little buzzed. The beauty of Cann’s products lie in the fact that you will have no hangovers, whether you have one or five! Each liquid sachet contains just the right amount of lift (2mg of THC & 4mg of CBD) wrapped up in a delicious beverage.

Cann’s Roadies are available for $24 a package, containing a total of 8 sachets. The expansion includes the following states: AK, AL, AZ, CA, CT, DC, DE, FL, IA, IL, IN, LA, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TX, VA ,VT & WV.

Cann is among the best brands around to shop, party, and be social with. Their social tonic, microdosed with CBD and THC, is the perfect blend of bubbly, sweet, and not too filling or strong—making way for a safe evening of mood setting without the hangovers induced by alcohol.

Cann is also offering 30% off their starter pack all week long! So if you can’t get lit during the week, there’s still time to take part in the fun later, while saving some dollars.

National CBD Day is also a special day to celebrate and spread awareness about the usages and capacities of cannabidiol, a hemp-based compound that is touted for its ability to relieve pain and anxiety.

Cann has revolutionized the way we see CBD and THC products – creating a tonic made for a controllable high experience and a healthier alternative to alcohol, that still lets you have a buzz. Cann is microdosed with 2mg THC and 4mg CBD, which offers a similar feeling to a glass of wine.

The brand has paved the way for cannabis products and other brands, creating a more accessible way to get buzzed without a dreaded hangover. No stranger to speaking out about the stigmas associated with cannabis, Cann is dedicated to educating people about the ins and outs of cannabis use, and they make the perfect first sip for anyone who’s curious and willing to learn a bit on National CBD Day.

The Catalog that Changed Culture

The Catalog that Changed Culture


ALL MAN: THE INTERNATIONAL MALE STORY, the Tribeca Festival and Outfest Official Selection arrives on digital platforms June 6. Theatrical screenings will take place in New York (now on June 5!), Los Angeles, San Francisco.

Once upon a time where was a catalog that appeared in public in 1974. The catalog was unlike the Sears catalog or anything else as it had as its focus, men. It is true that 1973 saw the launch of Playgirl magazine, but this was a catalog about fashion, style and sex appeal. And it changed culture. It is likely that the International Male catalog spurred the onslaught of gay men to gyms across American in the late 70s. It helped redefine the notion of masculinity featuring ruggedly handsome models parading on oceanfronts across the world. And it was free.

It was called All Man: The International Story. And now there is a documentary—a very good documentary to tell the story.

The documentary, directed by Bryan Darling and Jesse Finley Reed, is an hour and a half look into a time, a time before AIDS, a time when retail stores could make their mark, and time when the burgeoning gay community was getting a foothold in culture. While New York had its After Dark magazine (mostly dancers and celebrities) this catalog had gay men clamoring for a peek at the tight, skimpy bathing suits. The film features interviews with past models and people employed by the company. And just like the 70s, as we headed into the 80s, AIDS begins to diminish the employees and models. What could have been a light, breezy look at a company that created a sexy catalog, turns into a potent look at life in the early 80s and the increasing horror of an epidemic in the gay community.

The founder of International Male, Gene Burkard, envisioned a platform that would cater specifically to men’s fashion needs, allowing them to explore and embrace their personal style. The catalogs became an essential medium through which the company showcased its unique and avant-garde fashion offerings.

In its early years, International Male catalogs featured clothing that challenged traditional notions of men’s fashion. The catalog presented bold and daring styles, incorporating vibrant colors, unconventional patterns, and experimental designs. It aimed to cater to a diverse customer base by offering clothing suitable for different occasions, including casual wear, formal attire, and even specialized costumes.

The catalogs gained attention for their innovative approach to fashion photography. They featured attractive male models who often posed in seductive and provocative ways, breaking new ground in the realm of men’s fashion advertising. This bold presentation became a defining characteristic of International Male’s aesthetic and contributed to the brand’s allure.

Over the years, International Male catalogs continued to push the boundaries of men’s fashion. They showcased emerging trends, incorporating elements of punk, new wave, and alternative styles. The brand’s commitment to offering unique and cutting-edge fashion choices made it a destination for men seeking distinctive and fashion-forward clothing.

In addition to clothing, International Male catalogs also featured a wide range of accessories, including shoes, jewelry, hats, belts, and grooming products. The brand aimed to provide a comprehensive shopping experience, enabling customers to curate their entire look from a single source.

As the internet gained popularity and e-commerce became more prevalent, International Male adapted to the changing retail landscape. The brand transitioned from traditional print catalogs to online sales, expanding its reach and accessibility to a global audience. This transition allowed International Male to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving fashion industry.

While the brand experienced fluctuations in popularity over the years, International Male catalogs remain a significant part of fashion history. They played a crucial role in challenging traditional gender norms and promoting self-expression through fashion choices for men. The catalogs showcased a wide array of styles and provided men with the confidence to embrace their individuality.


JUNE 5  screening

With special guests, filmmakers Bryan Darling, Jesse Finley Reed, Peter Jones, and Taylor Vracin-Harrell



Every 420 Deal You Need to Celebrate This Year

420 is upon us, and for many that means fervently looking for the best deals that can possibly be found. For some that involves getting the latest and greatest from their favorite brands, but for others that can also mean exploring new brands to create new memorable experiences via new avenues of CBD and THC infused goodness. It’s basically weed Christmas! So, this year, there’s a whole lot to catch up on and the versatility means there’s something for everyone!

Smoking, Vapes, & Accessories

Timeless Vapes x Tati Suarez Flip Case & Vape Battery Combo

The Timeless Artist Legacy program provides artists, musicians and creatives with a platform to share their unique stories through the lens of cannabis culture. In their latest collaboration, Timeless has partnered with Miami native Tati Suarez on a special-edition flip case and vaporizer battery inspired by the typography and palette of Art Nouveau. Produced in limited quantities, Suarez’s flip case and battery combo will be available in Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Ohio and Missouri.

Price: $30

Timeless All-In-One Cartridge & Battery

The vape cartridges features Timeless high-quality distillate perfect for those looking for energy (yellow), chill (green) or rest (purple). There is an auto-draw function and no recharging is needed! Vapes also are available in .5G.

Price: $45

Cruisers 1g Distillate Vapes

From the artist formerly known as Fun Uncle, Cruisers 1g Distillate Vapes are all fun, no frills. Our weed wizards combine high-quality, rippin’ oil with tasty custom flavors for good times only. Available in nine classic strains like Blue Dream, Pineapple Express and Grandaddy Purple that will get you there, and then some. So, hit the high road, Jack, and skid in sideways in a cloud of smoke when you arrive.

Price: $18.00

Jetty Solventless Vape

The cleanest vape. The highest potency. Unmatched flavor. Made simply with ice, water, heat, and pressure—no chemicals, no solvents…ever. Jetty’s unique extraction process is a solventless breakthrough, boosting potency and delivering consistent flavor that’s true to the strain, from first hit to last. Jetty released its first Solventless Vape cartridge in 2020, winning the award of Best Vape in the High Times Cannabis Cup Socal, and placing second in both the High Times Cannabis Cup Norcal and Emerald Cup.

Price: $55-60

Beboe Inspired Vape

Founded by celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell, Beboe was created for those looking for a mindful and elevated cannabis experience. Sparkly yet functional, the light and bright Inspired Vape Pen is intended for early afternoon enjoyment and social gatherings. Designed to be “socially-dosed,” Beboe products deliver sophisticated, sleek, 100% natural cannabis experience that enhances your day without losing your cool.

Price: $60 – $70

The Lab

The Lab, famous for delivering high-quality, precision vape products and concentrates, delivers the most desirable strains and highest quality selection of live rosin, cured, distilled and disposable concentrates at an accessible price. Through cutting-edge technology and equipment, The Lab continues to lead the way in bringing the unique experience of cannabis to new and modern mediums. Products are available in 0.3g all-in-one vape, 0.5g vape cart, cured jarred concentrates, live and solvent-less jarred concentrates in various varieties (check availability by state).

Presidential Mini Moon Rock Blunts

When in doubt for 4/20, turn to the country’s top-selling blunt. In collaboration with Rove, Presidential released two new strains Waui & Skywalker and in collaboration with THC Design, Crescendo to consumers across California.

● Presidential x Rove Mini Moon Rock Blunts
○ Avail Strain: Waui + Skywalker

● Presidential x THC Design
○ Avail Strain: Crescendo

Prices Vary

Terp Stix

Terp Stix™ premium infused singles are sleek, smooth, and shareable. These distillate-infused pre-rolls are designed for smokers with a high tolerance and even higher expectations. Every pre-roll is crafted with exceptional diligence and thought, using the 4Front Ventures’ proprietary infusion process to homogenize its high-quality distillate and indoor-grown flower for a clean, controlled smoking experience. Smokers can expect a canoe-free pre-roll that burns evenly and goes far beyond just getting the job done.

Terp Stix™ are currently available to consumers in the following varieties: High Times Cannabis Cup winner Tiger’s Blood; Blueberry; Green Apple; Pineapple; Strawberry; Raw (flavorless); Blackberry; Grape; Piña Colada; and Tangerine.

$12-$25 (price varies by market)

Monogram OG Handroll

The first product of its kind, The OG Handroll takes inspiration from the smoke experience of a premium cigar, but implements a proprietary roll technique allowing the flower to burn slowly and evenly for multiple sessions. Highly trained artisan rollers break the flower down by hand, and roll using a time-honored process that was specially architected by MONOGRAM’s Culture & Cultivation Ambassador, DeAndre Watson. A complex blend of tropical fruit with a skunky finish. A smooth high allowing you to move throughout your day.

Price: $50.00

The Hemper Box (Subscription)

Hemper is your all-in-one destination for all things cannabis! Discover new premium smoking products, name brand collab items, and exclusive celebrity collaboration products found only in our monthly boxes. You can choose between our classic month-to-month, prepaid 3, 6, or 12 month subscription plans, or fully customize your delivery frequency. Each box comes with core monthly essentials, a few surprise items, and a brand new glass piece, and limited edition collaborations with the best brands on the market and celebrities helps to keep things fresh.

● Hand curated 10+ items every month to pack in your Hemper Boxes, worth $125+ dollars
● Price: $39.99 / shipment

Hemper Quick Hitter

The Quick Hitter is the perfect solution for the avid user who cannot always travel with their coveted glass pieces. Available in packs of 2, Quick Hitters are multipurpose one hitters that have a squeeze activated flavor with real fruit terpenes ranging from banana, blueberry, mango, watermelon and grape. Just squeeze the end until you hear a pop to release the flavor.

Price: $15.99

Edie Parker Ice Pipes

BRR, BABY, BRR! Meet the Chillest Collection yet! Whether you’re hitting the slopes or taking it on the rocks, these pipes are a flawless way to break the ice. Cut from borosilicate glass in bold geometric shapes and striking colors, the Ice Collection stands cool on a bar or fresh in your hand.

Ice Pipe: $115
Ice Pipe, Baby: $85

Sackville Signature Grinder

Remember that grinder your ex had in college? Well, this is not that. The 4-Tier Signature Grinder in radiant silver makes a statement – with four tiers including a mesh kief screen, kief bowl and diamond-sharp teeth for the perfect fluffy ground flower, it will outperform all others too. Get a grinder who can do both, you deserve it.

Price: $40.00

Dogwalkers Show Dog Infused Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Made with wholehearted affection, Dogwalkers are cannabis pre-rolls inspired by the simple pleasure of leisurely strolls with our special four-legged friend, Bailey. Much like any award-worthy doggo, Dogwalkers Show Dog infused pre-rolls are top-of-the-class companions. We start with premium flower harvested at peak freshness, then infuse each Show Dog with best-in-show crumble, raising these pups to another level of potency. Power and portability make a Show Dog perfect for elevated journeys that are all about new experiences and new heights. With .45g Mini Dogs (for a total of 2.25g per 5-pack) and 1g Big Dogs, you can grab the ideal size for that next elevated adventure.

Price (at RISE IL Stores): $30 1g Big Dogs; and $50 5pk 2.25g Mini Dogs

Goody Glass– Cupcake Sprinkle Bubbler

It may not be for eating, but it looks delicious! Spice up your glass collection with something unique and collectible! Goody Glass presents Goody Goodies — a series of food and emoji inspired glass pipes made to add some fun and color into your routine. Sure to spark up an appetite!

Price: $59.99

1988 Pre-Rolled Cannabis Blunts

The 1988 pre-rolled 1 gram blunts are packed full of 4Front Ventures’ choice nugs, rolled into Futurola tobacco-free cones and are available in single dube tubes. The filterless, slow-burning blunts are available in a variety of strains and flavors designed to enhance each flavor profile and user experience.

Price: $16.00

Kind Tree Candy Store Pre-Rolls

Rich earth, clean water and pure air come together to make Kind Tree a unique and memorable cannabis experience. Candy Store is a super rare and evenly balanced hybrid strain known for its flavor, created through crossing the delicious Lemon Berry Candy OG and Ethos Cookies #16 strains. Yum!

Kind Tree Rosebud Pre-Rolls

This isn’t your typical bouquet. Whether you’re paired up or dancing alone, these rosebud pre-rolls make the perfect gift for that special someone who lights you up. Each pre-roll is hand rolled with 1g of Kind Tree flower, hand-picked and selected to be perfectly enveloped in a smooth and velvety rose petal. Our rosebuds are 100% organic with no synthetic colors or dyes. Available at all 3 New Jersey Apothecarium Dispensaries starting Saturday 2/11. Only while supplies last.

Price: $25

Rhythm Queen Cola Flower

Rythm is letting the cannabis community know that size DOES matter with a limited drop of its Queen Cola this 4/20. The “Cola” refers to the top of the cannabis plant where the biggest and baddest bud clusters can be found – and because only the female cannabis plant yields smokable flower, it was only fitting that we crowned this jewel our queen. Available only at Rise stores, the Queen Cola is intended to deliver about 14g of majestic green goodness packed up into one very “Instagrammable” package.

Price: $115 – $125 (varies by market)

Sackville Playboy 70th Anniversary Platinum Smoking Collection

Launching on the high holiday of 4/20, contemporary cannabis accessories brand Sackville & Co. has created a Platinum Smoking Collection for Playboy in celebration of its 70th ‘platinum’ anniversary. The two-piece collection includes Sackville’s best-selling Crystal Ball Pipe in an exclusive chrome colorway with Playboy icon, as well as a super limited-edition Playboy x Sackville branded Silver Charm Case inspired by retro cigarette cases. The collection will be available on 4/20 via – collaborations are known to sell out quickly so mark your calendars!

Chrome Crystal Ball Pipes – $112
Silver Charm Cases – $200

Disco Jays

Founded by Amber Senter, Disco Jays are rolled with hash-infused indoor-grown cannabis flower and coated with THCA diamonds to pack a potent punch, an uplifting effect, and a beautiful shiny shimmer on the exterior. Available in single 1 gram and 5-0.5gram packs, Disco Jays are perfect for solo smoking or sharing at a party.

Grassroots Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls

For the cannasseur looking to kick up their high with an added level of ease, these boosted pre-rolls feature our finely ground Grassroots bud with a dusting of THCA Diamonds for a higher shine. No need for a dab rig or to roll your own. We got you. Available as 1g singles or a 5pk of 0.4g short rolls, they’re ideal for the more seasoned cannabis user.

Price: $50 (5pk)

Dime Bag Liquid Infused Pre-Rolls

Introducing Dime Bag’s new 3 Pack Infused Liquid Diamonds Pre-rolls to provide an elevated experience through higher potency, still at an affordable price! Natural, true to flower flavor experience 3 Pack makes it shareable and pocket size makes it a great on-the-go option. Difference from Distillate to Diamonds: Whole bud cannabis is flash frozen at its peak and live resin is extracted. This live resin, which maintains the closest expression of the flower’s terpenes, smell and strain’s entourage effect is converted to THCa as it begins to crystallize.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

These crystals are known as diamonds. THCa diamond, which typically contains 96-99% pure THCa; giving the resulting product the name Liquid Diamonds. The infused pre rolls are great for anyone looking for super potent, pure and flavorful joints. If you like cannabis oil (distillate) infused pre-rolls for their tasty flavor and high THC percentages, liquid diamond infused Dime Bag prerolls will elevate experience without breaking the bank. They’re cannabis for the people, for the people who just want to get high and have fun.

“All of Dime Bag’s flower is grown in sunny California using organic nutrients and soil. It’s brought to you at an affordable price because paying too much is lame. So spark it, smoke it, pass it, and let’s get high!”

Drinks & Edibles

MXXN Non-Alcoholic, THC-infused Spirits

Prefer to sip your cannabis, rather than smoke it? Breaking up with alcohol? MXXN (pronounced ‘moon’) is the cannabis industry’s first 1:1 non-alcoholic replacement for gin, tequila and bourbon, making it the perfect sub for a 420 twist on your favorite cocktails. MXXN’s Kentucky Oak can take the place of bourbon, London Dry for gin or the Jalisco Agave for tequila.

Price: $79.99/750 mL bottle


With a microdose of 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD, Cann is designed for you to easily consume more than one without hitting that ‘too high’ feeling you may get with smoking pure flower or consuming an edible. No more uncomfortable experiences, electrolyte depletions, poor sleep, or headaches – just a controlled buzz! Even better, Cann comes in both a cannabis-derived and hemp-derived offering. The hemp-derived offering falls below 0.3% of THC, making it legal to ship directly to a plethora of states!

● For 420, Cann has expanded their starter pack to include their seasonal favorite Ginger Lemongrass offering.

Landrace Origins Coffee

How about a little pick-me-up with that flower? Landrace Origins offers a unique pairing experience matching tasting notes of coffee to full cannabis flower, and is founded by Amber Senter, an industry activist working to make the space more inclusive to Black and queer entrepreneurs.

Price: $20 – $22

Petra Mints

With Mother’s Day also around the corner, if you’re looking for the perfect wine swap / purse addition for the chill mom and don’t know what to get, look no further than Petra Mints! These mints are the radically refreshing edible that sparked a micro-dosing revolution. These highly portable, decidedly poppable, and precisely-dosed mints boast rich flavors ranging from spicy to sour to sweet.

Each mint contains just 2.5 mg of THC or less per serving, making it easy to find the optimal dose and enhance every experience. Available in a variety of flavors, there is no doubt a mint for every type of mom. With their low-dose level of THC, and strictly CBD option available, these make the perfect starter edible for the chill mom looking to become even more mellow.

Petra Mints are available in the following flavors:

  • Citrus CBD Petra: Tart and subtly sweety, the fresh citrus flavor of our Citrus CBD Petra comines notes of lemon and lime for a zesty, sharp, and fruity flavor
  • Pineapple Petra: Exercise your willpower with our sweetest Petra flavor yet. Each morsel tastes like ripe, juicy pineapple and will leave you craving more.
  • Tart Cherry Petra: The robust, delectable flavor is like picking a ripe, tart cherry straight off the vine.
  • Moroccan Mint Perta: A surprising combination of green tea matcha and peppermint extract, our sugar-free plant-based Moroccan Mint Petra soothes with a hint of peppermint with light notes of Tahitian vanilla.
  • Cinnamon CBD 1:1 Petra: Sweet and spicy with just a touch of heat, Petra Cinnamon CBD freshens your breath, warms your senses, and chills you out. With a perfect balance of CBD and THC, you’ll wonder where these sugar-free, plant-based pick-me-ups have been your whole life.
  • Blackberry CBN Petra: Sweet dreams now come in small packages. Petra Blackberry CBN is Kiva’s first mood-targeting mint. Fresh blackberry and vanilla flavors are blended with sugar-free, plant-based ingredients and a calming combination of 2 MG of THC and 1 MG of CBN to create our most tranquil Petra yet. Whether it’s a power nap or a full night’s rest you need, Petra has you covered.

The Botanist Fast Acting Gummies

Unlike traditional edibles, these fast-acting gummies take effect in 5-15 minutes, and are easily dosable, making them perfect for enjoying with friends this 4/20. The Botanists Fast Acting Gummies come in a variety of delicious fruit flavors, in addition to being vegan and gluten-free. There’s something for everyone here!

Beboe Cloud 9 Gummies

Socially-dosed at 5mg THC and 5mg CBG per gummy, Beboe products deliver sophisticated, sleek, 100% natural cannabis experience that enhances your day without losing your cool. These gummies come in an irresistible Sparkling Pear flavor, and are artfully blended for bliss while 100% natural.

Price: $25.00

Tasteology Chews

Tasteology Fruit Chews are made with the finest real fruit purées by Ponthier, and crafted by Bravo’s Top Chef: Just Desserts finalist and Jushi’s Director of Manufacturing, Matthew Petersen, Tasteology Chews are now available in Blood Orange Boost, Blueberry Calm and Passion Raspberry Balance, always vegan and gluten free. Each Tarot card-themed package includes 20 chews, each with 5mg of THC, unique terpene blends and minor cannabinoids like CBD and CBN for specific experiences.

Price: $20.00

Incredibles Sour Blue Razzberry Gummies

Chase The Blues Away. Bright lights, juicy sour blue razzberries, and the feeling of getting hugged by a fluffy cloud. Buh-bye bad mood, hello Blue Razzberry. Incredibles are made with 100% pure cannabis oil, and Sour Blue Razzberry gummies offer 10mg THC and 10mg CBG per gummy.

Price: $20.00

Hi-Burst Cannabis sed Fruit Chews

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Hi-Burst infused fruit chews melt in your mouth. Ranging from sweet to sour, they are designed to delight with their taste and reliability so you can celebrate your sweet tooth in an uplifting way.

*Gluten-free and vegetarian flavors include: Berries & Cream; Blue Raspberry; Green Apple; Oranges & Cream; Peaches & Cream; Pineapple Orange; Raspberry Lemonade; 1:1 Raspberry Lemonade; Strawberry; Sour Cherry; and Tropical Papaya Punch.


“Always vegan and gluten-free, always reliable, and always delicious.” Born in the Pacific Northwest, Marmas quickly grew into one of the most popular edibles in Washington state and they’ve been delighting cannabis enthusiasts ever since.

Top Flavors Nationwide include:

● Blue Raspberry
● Blue Raspberry CBD
● Blue Raspberry 1:1
● Georgia Peach (awarded 2nd place at the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup)
● Watermelon
● Watermelon 1:1.

Price: $25.00

Tasteology Chocolate

Handcrafted by one of Bravo’s Top Chef: Just Desserts finalists, Tasteology’s 100% gourmet chocolates are made with responsibly sourced cocoa beans from gourmet French chocolatier, Valrhona. Each variety is carefully created with otherworldly flavors and premium ingredients, using high quality cannabis oil and cannabinoids like THC, CBD and CBN as well as effect-specific terpenes. These 18-piece bars feature 90mg of THC [5mg per piece], and are currently available in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Blonde Chocolate. If you’re in Massachusetts, stop by Nature’s Remedy in Tyngsborough or Millbury and explore your fate.

Price: $18.00

PlusCBD Reserve Collection (Gummies)

CV Sciences, the makers of +PlusCBD and the No. 1 top-selling brand of hemp-derived CBD in the U.S., launched the popular Reserve Collection gummies for those curious about using cannabis to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. These gummies come in delicous flavors and deliver on the superior quality that +PlusCBD is know for. The low-dose form factor are perfect to kick start or end your day. The Reserve Gummies are discreet, easy to consume, and can provide the perfect low-dose onset for 4/20 celebrations.

Price: $54.99

Select X Bites

Made for the “seasoned explorers” out there, this formula features Select’s award-winning oil and introduces a proprietary encapsulation technology that mimics the body’s natural lipid barrier which optimizes the absorption of THC into the body at a steady, prolonged rate, resulting in a stronger and longer high. Each serving size of Select X Bites contains 10mg of THC.

Select X Bites

Available in three flavors:

STRAWBERRY SPACEWALK (Hybrid): As sweet and light as it is a walk on the wild side.
ORANGE MATTER (Sativa): A dreamy stroll through the citrusy orchards between space and time.
RAINBOW UPLOAD (Indica): An interstellar bending of light produces this puckering prism of lime, orange, and raspberry.

● Price: $18.00

Everything Else

Joshua Tree Candles

Savour the earth-inspired scents and other worldly plant life of one of the world’s most legendary travel destinations. BEYOND / HELLO’s luxurious signature scent, created in exclusive collaboration with Joshua Tree Candle Co. captures the scents and sentiment of California’s Joshua Tree with a nod to the legendary travel destination. Each candle is made with local, premium eco-friendly blended soy wax, fine fragrance oils and cotton-core wicks. The 7.5-ounce candle burns cleaner than paraffin wax alternatives and delivers 40 to 50 hours of burn time.

Price: $20.00

Teapot x Peace Collective: ‘Stop The Stigma’ Clothing Capsule

Peace Collective & TeaPot Join Forces On ‘Stop the Stigma’ Capsule for Pardons Canada

The Stop the Stigma capsule collection features limited edition co-branded merchandise, including a hoodie, a t-shirt and a tote bag with TeaPot and Peace Collective tags. Stop the Stigma profits will be donated to Pardons Canada to help individuals with cannabis convictions obtain pardons, record suspensions, U.S. entry waivers and file destructions. For every $1,000 raised, Pardons Canada will have the means to remove a cannabis offense from one individual’s file.

Timeless Vapes Unveils Artist Legacy Collaboration with Tati Suarez + Limited Edition Piece

Timeless Vapes Unveils Artist Legacy Collaboration with Tati Suarez + Limited Edition Piece

With 4/20 approaching, here’s something worth celebrating!

On March 15th, Timeless Vapes (“Timeless” or the “Company”), a lifestyle brand leading the way in cannabis culture, announced its latest Artist Legacy collaboration with Tati Suarez, a world-renowned artist and muralist based in Miami, Florida.

The Timeless Artist Legacy program provides artists, musicians and creatives with a platform to share their unique stories through the lens of cannabis culture. In celebration of International Women’s Month, Timeless has partnered with Miami native Tati Suarez on a special-edition flip case and vaporizer battery inspired by the typography and palette of Art Nouveau. Produced in limited quantities, Suarez’s flip case and battery combo will be available in Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Ohio and Missouri.

“We are thrilled to continue our Artist Legacy program with new work from Tati Suarez,” said Kyle Webb, VP of Marketing. “Tati is an extremely dynamic artist with a singular perspective of the world that is displayed through each piece of her special-edition collaboration. Her Miami roots coupled with her appreciation of art history came together beautifully, we’re very proud to be partnering with Tati on this project for International Women’s Month.”

Tati Suarez is a world-renowned musician who earned her BFA in illustration and design from the University of Miami in 2005. Raised by a Brazilian mother and El Salvadorian father, she uses her art as a vessel to tell stories that are heavily influenced by folklore and rich with symbolism. From Japan to Jamaica, she has had her work featured in countless galleries and showcases around the world. Along the way, she has collaborated with brands such as Netflix, L’Oreal, Reebok and Jansport.

“This has been one of my favorite brand collaborations to date. Timeless gave me complete creative freedom—not only in commissioning my artwork, but in allowing me full creative control of the entire package design. As an artist, you can’t really ask for more. So proud of the final product and thankful for the opportunity,” said Tati Suarez. “Cannabis helps fuel my creativity and manage my anxiety, so extending my work into this category felt like a no-brainer.”

In addition, a limited edition piece from this collaboration is currently available for just $100! Available in extremely quantities while supplies last, the Tati Suarez Artist Legacy Machete is built to perform:

The thick, hardwood handle provides a solid grip, allowing you to take on even the toughest tasks with ease. And with its sharp, fine, beveled edge, you’ll never have to worry about dullness slowing you down – just sharpen as needed and keep on going! Its convenient and durable nylon sheath can be easily fastened to your belt, ensuring that your machete is always within reach when you need it most.

Tati Suarez’s special-edition flip case and battery combo is produced through Timeless’ Artist Legacy program, which is in its fifth year of existence. Previously, the Company has worked alongside artists like Yai Vila, Skinner, and Sheryo of Yok and Sheryo among other accomplished creatives to drive cannabis culture forward through art. For more information regarding the Timeless Artist Legacy program and upcoming collaborations, please visit

About Timeless

Timeless was founded in 2011 with the vision of creating a leading lifestyle brand around high-quality cannabis products and unique engagement through our pillars of “Community, Culture, and Legacy.” Timeless Vapes began making cannabis products in 2013 and is celebrating their 10th anniversary. Their passion for innovation, unique brand building, and customer engagement has led Timeless to be a leading national House of Brands in the industry. Today, Timeless operates in Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Missouri and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

LA’s Golden Road Brewing Launches “Follow Your Dreams” Program

LA’s Golden Road Brewing Launches “Follow Your Dreams” Program

On Wednesday, March 8, LA’s Golden Road Brewing launched a new initiative in an effort to inspire and motivate people across the nation to take the first steps toward actualizing their ambitions and passions. In honor of International Women’s Day, Golden Road Brewing, one of the few female co-founded craft breweries in the U.S., teamed up with singer, actress and social media star Lele Pons to introduce its Follow Your Dreams platform.

To kick off the program, Golden Road hosted a reception with a surprise musical performance on March 8 at the Atwater Village Brewpub.

This new program offers a chance for both monetary support and mentorship, especially for historically underrepresented communities in business, entrepreneurship, media, the arts, and other industries. The focus of the Golden Road program is to spotlight and elevate stories of determination, grit, and self-belief, ultimately inspiring more people to pursue their true passions.

As someone who always dreamed of being an entertainer from a young age and has now achieved her goals, singer, actress, social media star, and proud Latina Lele Pons has a ton of life experience and advice to share with people going after their dreams. “I know what it’s like to chase your dreams — and the difference that support can make in helping them become a reality. That’s why I teamed up with Golden Road Brewing on the ‘Follow Your Dreams’ platform to give as many people as possible the chance they deserve,” said Lele. “No dream is too big or too small. Together, we can help more people pursue their true calling and make a big impact on our community.”

Golden Road Co-Founder Meg Gill also broke through the primarily male-dominated craft brewing industry to act on her dreams and open up the brewery. Now, 12 years in and with craft beers available in all 50 states, including LA’s beloved Mango Cart wheat ale, the brewery wants to help other people to do the same.

“At Golden Road, we know the impact dreaming big can have on culture, on our communities, and on the world,” said Meg Gill, Co-Founder, Golden Road Brewing. “And that’s really what inspired the ‘Follow Your Dreams program’ — it’s all about empowering people to make their dreams a reality and we’re thrilled to be able to play even a small role in doing that.”

“Follow Your Dreams” will help empower people to dream big by offering monetary support and mentorship, especially for historically underrepresented communities in business, entrepreneurship, media, the arts, and many other industries.  

Everyone 21+ is free to participate — California residents 21+ can share their passion and apply to “Follow Your Dreams” by following @GoldenRoadBrew and @mangocartbeer on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram — and submit a 60-second video or written description of their dream to for an opportunity to make them a reality. Submissions will be accepted through July 11, 2023.

About Golden Road Brewing

In 2011, beer enthusiast Meg Gill co-founded Golden Road Brewing to bring delicious, California-inspired craft beer to the Los Angeles area. Beginning with its headquarters in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, Golden Road has since become the city’s largest craft brewer with Brewpubs at Huntington Beach, Grand Central Market, a state-of-the-art brewery and tasting room in Anaheim and a beer garden in Sacramento. In 2015, Golden Road partnered with Anheuser-Busch to gain access to more resources and help expand distribution. As a member of Brewers Collective, the craft business unit of Anheuser-Busch, Golden Road is committed to quality, communities and innovation with a mission to energize how people view, consume and experience beer. Now available nationwide at nearly 70,000 locations, Golden Road’s year-round craft beer portfolio includes Mango Cart wheat ale, Ride On IPA series, Street Cart Cerveza, Champango as well as a variety of small batch releases of experimental and rare beers.

About Anheuser-Busch

At Anheuser-Busch, our purpose is to create a future with more cheers. We are always looking to serve up new ways to meet life’s moments, dream big to move our industry forward, and make a meaningful impact in the world. We hope to build a future that everyone can celebrate, and everyone can share. For more than 160 years, Anheuser-Busch has carried on a legacy of brewing great-tasting, high-quality beers that have satisfied beer drinkers for generations. Today, we own and operate more than 120 facilities, including breweries, wholesaler distribution centers, agricultural facilities and packaging plants, and have more than 19,000 colleagues across the United States. We are home to several of America’s most loved beer and beyond beer brands, including Michelob ULTRA, Cutwater Spirits, Stella Artois, Budweiser and Bud Light as well as a number of regional brands that provide beer drinkers with a choice of the best-tasting craft beers in the industry. From responsible drinking programs and emergency drinking water donations to industry-leading sustainability efforts, we are guided by our unwavering commitment to supporting the communities we call home. For more information, visit. For more information, visit or follow Anheuser-Busch on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
For Art’s Sake

For Art’s Sake

The LA Art Show, LA’s largest and longest-running art fair, returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center on February 15–19 to kick off the city’s 2023 art season. Guided by the leadership of LA Art Show producer & director Kassandra Voyagis, the 28th edition promises a larger global presence and more ambitious programming than ever before. LA Art Show will donate 15% of all ticket proceeds to support the life-saving work of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®.

The LA Art Show 2023 includes the exciting return of the European Pavilion; the debut of the Japanese Pavilion featuring 6 galleries from Japan; and more South Korean artists and galleries than ever before in testament to the country’s thriving arts scene.

This year’s fair will inspire important social dialogue with work from Ukrainian artist-turned refugee Denis Sarazhin, stranded due to the war but able to secure accommodations in the U.S. following a generous GoFundMe campaign, and is now transmuting the chaos and uncertainty of his unraveling life into paintings of wild transformation. TRANSformation by MRG Fine Art in partnership with Zero Two 20 promises to be a thought-provoking exhibition, creating an open platform for talent of diverse backgrounds, addressing a foundational transformation inherent in the evolutionary process of both artists and society alike.

Featuring 9 art institutions, the Fair’s non-commercial program and cultural anchor, DIVERSEartLA –  curated by Marisa Caichiolo – returns with an ambitious agenda, addressing the global climate crisis. As part of this, MOLAA will present work from iconic Ecofeminist Judy Baca and AMA will present one of Mexico’s most prominent photographers, Alfredo De Stefano.  Please visit to learn more and purchase tickets.

Celebrate The Launch of New Camino Sours Gummies

Celebrate The Launch of New Camino Sours Gummies

Halloween is almost here, and there are plenty of treats out there for adults! If you’re looking to blaze a new path in Los Angeles, celebrate the launch of Kiva Confections newest Camino Sours with a limited-edition ride. Tourists and Angelenos alike can take out Kiva’s fleet of limited-edition Solé bikes for a cruise around The Strand in Venice Beach!

In partnership with Venice Beach dispensary Green Goddess, every purchase of new Camino Sours at Green Goddess from October 23rd – 24th will grant access to Kiva’s fleet of Camino Sours bikes for up to 10 riders! Officially out today, Kiva’s new Camino Sours gummies boast a tart new taste and chewy texture, with the same terpene-tailored effects you know and love.

These vegan gummies are dusted in sour sugar and will be available in watermelon, peach, and citrus flavors — each with its own mood boosting benefits:

Watermelon for uplifting vibes, Citrus to chill out, and Orchard Peach when you just need to balance out.

To sweeten the deal more, anyone who purchases Camino Sours at Green Goddess from October 23rd – 24th will automatically be entered into a raffle to win one of the exclusive Camino Sours bikes — PLUS — from October 23-24th Green Goddess will also be offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Camino deal, including at least one Camino Sours tin plus an exclusive high-end gift with purchase while supplies last!

Kiva Confections Gets Spooky with Blood Orange Camino Gummies

Kiva Confections Gets Spooky with Blood Orange Camino Gummies

When it comes to Halloween, there’s so much out there to help set the spooky mood.

Even when it comes to your favorite edibles, there’s something to help get you in the spirit. Kiva’s Blood Orange Camino gummies are exactly that. Kiva’s Blood Orange Caminos are the perfect match for any scary movie nights, pumpkin carvings, or costume parties you have planned this Hallow’s Eve. With a sweet, tart flavor and an exhilarating blend of sativa terpenes, Blood Orange Camino is the only treat you’ll want this Halloween — keep the tricks.

In addition to Blood Orange, Kiva is known for their wide variety of flavors, including Pineapple Habanero, Watermelon Lemonade, Midnight Blueberry, Sparkling Pear, Yuzu Lemon, and Wild Berry. As if that weren’t enough, Kiva Confections offers chocolates, chews, mints, and bites — all a variety of treats covered, stuffed, and made with dreamy goodness.

Grab them before they’re gone! Blood Orange Camino will only be available for the month of October at California dispensaries, while supplies last.